WATCH: Black Thugs SLAM Elderly White Woman To The Ground- Then Do The UNTHINKABLE To Her And Her DOGS

An elderly white lady was attacked while walking her dogs by a pack of wild black thugs in south Florida. 

The disturbing video below shows a woman and her 2 dogs being assaulted and nearly drowned to death after complaining about excessive noise at a high-school pool party. reports that the party, which was being held by a group of promoters called the Block Boyz was held at one of the teenagers residence inside a private house just outside of Miami, Florida.


The woman was grabbed by a black thug and dropped on her head resulting in serious head trauma.

Then the bastard threw her into the pool while she still had her dogs on leashes.

This poor woman almost drowned to death!

The woman reportedly was able to escape the attack with her 2 dogs and was rushed to the hospital and is reportedly listed in stable condition.


An investigation is on going.

Absolutely sickening. And those as*holes are all laughing and sh*t. This is totally unacceptable.

America is all screwed up. Black thugs are nothing but savages.

After watching the video some blacks left comments- here are a few:

“This is the MAIN REASON Crackas don’t want us living in their neighborhoods.
Syht, I don’t wanna live next to ignorant as people either.
Raise damn respectful kids and stuff like this doesn’t happen
Lady could have cracked her head open and that idoit would be locked up for life off a dumb decision”

And this guy:

“Same. I’m Black and I don’t want these fools living by me either.”

And this one is perfect:

Old (annoying) neighbors been keeping KIDS in line since the beginning of time. Remember the old saying it takes a village…… That’s a community and people who LIVE there have a SENSE of community.

Now it’s mind yo business /call dah Po Po? lol Stop excusing Bullchit. Bullchit is Bullshit. How would you feel if your mother or aunt who has been living in a home for 30 years and went over to talk/complain about a loud party and they did this to your mother? If you think they wouldn’t have done this to a black old woman, you’re living in fantasyland.

Damn right.

Again, these people are out of control.

Let’s hope this feral thug is locked in a box.

Source- AFF

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