[WATCH] Obama’s BLM Protesters Do SICK Thing To AMERICAN Flag at TRUMP Rally

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As we saw on Friday night, the level of depravity from far-left scumbags reached a new low when they descended upon the Donald Trump rally and were successful in destroying the First Amendment rights of everyone there. They were violent. They were disgusting. But what #BlackLivesMatter protesters did to Old Glory is guaranteed to make you mad as hell!

The video below shows Obama’s #BlackLivesMatter thugs ‘protesting’ Donald Trump- so they STOMPED ON THE AMERICAN FLAG!


These anti-Trump protesters stepping were caught on video stepping on the American flag. There were a total of 32 total arrests at the rally.

Posted by Fox2Now on Friday, March 11, 2016

Look, these scumbags claim that they don’t like Donald Trump so they stomp on our flag? These savages are totally out of control.

These idiots are anti-American animals, plain and simple.

This is Obama’s America.

Americans have the right to choose the candidate that they feel would make the best president. However, they DON’T have the right to stomp on the flag.

Regardless. What we see above is just sick, and it’s not the fault of any GOP presidential candidate – it’s the fault of Obama and the far-left, who refuse to hold the #BLM terrorists accountable for their actions, which, in turn, only empowers them.

Simply unbelievable…

God Bless.


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