BLM Protesters Block Roads So Motorists Take BRUTAL Action By Doing THIS… [VIDEO]


Black Lives Matter activists have been on a rampage all over America. These protests have resulted in destruction of property, violence and death.

One of the things they do is block major roadways.


In Memphis Tennessee they shut down the Interstate 40 bridge over the Mississippi River — stranding thousands of motorists for hours — in sweltering heat.

They have also hindered emergency vehicles from getting to fires, crimes and hospitals.


Blocking a roadway is a crime under Tennessee law, FOX reports, yet Memphis police officers were told to stand down and allow the agitators to block the Hernando-Desoto Bridge.

Not a single person was arrested.


Television station WMC reported that protesters even blocked a car trying to escort a child to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Apparently that child’s life did not matter to the protesters.

Here is a great video compilation of how to deal with these scumbags blocking roadways- I think you’ll like it.



We have no idea how many emergency responses were hampered by the gridlock created by the BLM crowd. We have no idea how many people missed family events or missed work because they were trapped on the interstate.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, at least 21 police officers were injured during a “full-scale riot” on Interstate 94, according to the Star-Tribune.

Violent thugs hurled rocks, concrete and rebar at officers as they protested the killing of Philando Castile.

One of those officers suffered a broken vertebra after someone dropped a concrete block on his head.

Could someone explain to me how fracturing a police officer’s spine and preventing a child from getting to the hospital advances the Black Lives Matter agenda?

Kristen Campbell at Conservative Tribune has more:

The recent deaths of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota were certainly tragedies for their families and communities, but groups such as Black Lives Matter have jumped to the conclusion that the police officers who were responsible for those deaths were in the wrong and racially motivated.

The truth is that investigations into those deaths are ongoing, but even if the police officers in those instances were incriminated, it wouldn’t give license to activists to prevent innocent people from going to work or school. And in certainly doesn’t make it okay to block emergency responders from tending to the sick or injured.

We must find a way to have all of our voices heard in a truly peaceful and respectful manner. Until then, nothing we do will make a difference; it will be overshadowed by dramatic events and violence.

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God Bless.


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