WATCH: BLM Thugs Chain Themselves Together To SHUTDOWN Inauguration- There’s Just ONE Problem


Black Lives Matter and the fascist #DisruptJ20 protesters do not seem to care that Donald Trump was chosen by the people as president of the United States of America.

No, instead they seem only concerned that their OWN voices be heard screeching in ignorance.


These groups are currently chaining themselves together in front of entrance checkpoints at the Inauguration and actively blocking people from getting into the Inauguration itself.

protest chain 120

As expected the guards were forced to shut down the checkpoint, which the group stated was their ultimate goal. Protest organizer David Thurston told reporters –

“Our goals are to have to have massive protests and to shut down the inauguration if at all possible, and if not possible — if we can’t shut the inauguration down — then make it as difficult as possible for Trump to act as if he has a mandate.”


These people have no idea what America is about and it is most certainly NOT this fascist behavior where only their opinion matters.  When did this happen over the last 8 years when Obama was in power and acting like the political despot that he is?  Never?  Yep, that’s what I thought! These snowflakes need to get it through their head – ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!

Liberal idiot and quasi-filmmaker Michael Moore organized his own protest for Inauguration Day called the  “Festival of Resistance” with a route approximately a mile and half long, ending at McPherson Square, a park about three blocks from the White House.

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These are the same people that slap “Diversity” and “Coexist” bumper stickers on their Priuses.  Yet apparently they will only celebrate your “diversity” or “coexist” with you as long as you share their very narrow views of the world.  Remember when acting like this over the results of an election was considered UNAmerican, UNPatriotic, and flat out dangerous?  Seems like it was only a short time ago.  Perhaps that is because the lying leftist media had the liberals at large believing that Hillary was going to win the election by a landslide, except she didn’t, so here we are.  Now that Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America? Dissent is back to being the highest form of patriotism!


I guess that only works as long as you think your side is going to win. #LoveTrumpsHate remember? At the rate these leftist crazies are going, Trump will win in a landslide in 2020 because frankly, Americans are sick of this nonsense. We’re tired of being pushed around and told what and how to think, who is acceptable for us to like or dislike.  You see, we Americans are an independent sort.  We like to make up our own minds.  President Trump speaks to that because he does NOT speak or act like a politician.

Donald Trump is President

Screaming, kicking, wailing and committing acts of domestic terrorism when you don’t get your way? Come on even toddlers have limits and behave better. Sure, it’s wholly American to dislike your President…despise even, but you don’t get to overthrow the entire Republic just because something didn’t go your way.  Get OVER yourselves already!

h/t – Fox News

God Bless.

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