Watch: Controversial Billboard Has Liberals Screaming RACISM… But One HUGE Fact Proves Them Dead Wrong


A new billboard has liberals going crazy even going as far as to call it RACIST! But the billboard was put up by a black man and shows a black kid with that God awful ‘style’ if you will, with his pants sagging below his arse and his boxer underwear showing…

Why do these people buy their pants 10 sizes too big? How can they work dressed like that? Oh yeah, they don’t work. Well then, how do they run away from the police without tripping and falling to the pavement? Oh, well if that happens they can scream police brutality and sue the city for millions. I guess I’m beginning to understand the theory of dressing like a ghetto rat.

Brooke Bosca at TopRight News reports:

A billboard put up  recently in an urban section of Memphis, Tennessee is generating controversy, although the man behind it said it bears an important message for young men in his neighborhood.

And many people agree with him.

The short and powerful message reads “Show your mind, not your behind,” and includes an image of a young Black man with sagging pants.

Take a look:


Fred Davis, an insurance agent, said he decided to invest in a billboard because he wanted young black men to know when their pants are sagging, “It negatively impacts their future.”

 And while some immediately attacked the ad, calling it “racist,” they were quickly informed that the man who purchased the ad is a Black businessman, who denounced the “thuggish mentality” among “too many” Black youths today:
Okay, this is awesome!

“We didn’t fight for civil rights to end up with the thugs running around today”

Davis points out that the men that wear their pants to their knees and flash gang signs and all the other useless garbage they do are putting out the image that these people are leading a life of crime.

“If you want to be upwardly mobile, you can’t present that image to people who are qualified to make a decision about you,” he says.

“This is a very busy corner. I thought people who were driving by the neighborhood would get a chance to see my message,” Davis said.

Davis paid $6,000 to have the billboard erected and it stands just yards away from his office, where he said he fought shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement.

“We didn’t fight for thuggish mentality, we fought to create for the generations who came behind us to move up a little higher,” he said.

“It’s sending the message, ‘You can achieve,’” he added.

Davis said if his message reaches only a few people, it’s money well spent.

<> on August 15, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.

Of course, we couldn’t agree more! The leaders of the civil rights movement worked so damn hard and sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears to accomplish their goal of freedom and equality and they were absolutely successful. Whether young blacks make the right choices and enjoy the major progress as a result of MLK and others is not our problem. It is theirs. Life choices are the responsibility of each individual.

Now, it doesn’t help when you elect a black president that stirs the fire back up for the sole purpose of dividing the people so as to make it easier to conquer and control. Imagine a society consisting of white and black warrior patriots fighting for the same cause. We would be unstoppable. And Obama and the elites know this and have done their best to divide and then conquer.

Personally, I think the message is very important and spot-on. Would I want to see it everyday? Hell no, but I am white and buy the proper size clothing like most civilized people…

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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God Bless.

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