Watch Disabled Veteran Just Sent The Biggest “F YOU” To NFL Scumbags EVER! Look What He Just Did!



A disabled Navy veteran who was set to be honored at a New Orleans Saints game this season told them what they could do with their award.

The Navy vet took a stand against the Saints and their hatred and corruption within the NFL and the Saints reaction proves they along with the rest of the NFL,  are an embarrassment to the American people and our nation.

John Wells who, in addition to being a disabled veteran is the executive director of Military Veterans Advocacy, was going to be given an award called the Peoples Health Champion at last week’s game against the Chicago Bears at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Fox News reports.

But he declined the award due to the NFL’s, and the Saints’, ongoing National Anthem protests.

“Although I am touched and honored to be selected for such an award, the ongoing controversy with NFL players’ disrespect for the national flag forces me to decline to participate in the presentation,”he said. “I am unable, in good conscience, to enter an NFL stadium while this discourtesy prevails. Since this award is tainted with the dishonorable actions of the NFL and its players, I cannot accept it.  To do so would be hypocritical.”

Disabled Navy vet refuses award from New Orleans Saints

YouTube video courtesy of Fox News

Retired Cmdr. John Wells says he cannot in good conscience enter NFL stadium because of anthem protests.

Navy veteran declines award at Saints game over protests

YouTube video courtesy of Fox News

Retired commander John Wells explains on ‘Fox & Friends.’

The Saints, unhappy with Wells’ decision to not be used as a public relations prop for their team and the NFL, chastised the veteran in its response.

“We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans,” the team said in a statement. “We, as an organization, have decided to move on from this sad and divisive discourse and focus our attention on supporting our military and veterans.”

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser is boycotting the New Orleans Saints, he won’t be going to the game after Saints players protested during the national anthem.

In fact, Nungesser said he won’t be going to any Saints or National Football League events for the foreseeable future.  That’s particularly significant since the Republican is the state’s elected official in charge of tourism and attracting national sporting events, like Superbowls and NBA All-Star games, to Louisiana.

“I will not go to the game because I am disappointed in the NFL,” Nungesser said in an phone interview,  “I don’t want to get into the battle of the statement they are making or why they are kneeling. I think it is disgraceful that anybody would use that as a time to protest.”

The Saints organization did not want to comment on Nungesser’s protest when contacted.

“They are using this great opportunity they have to disgrace America,” Nungesser said. “They say they are protesting police brutality. There are only a handful of police that have been convicted of doing something wrong.”

Since then, New Orleans players have knelt together before the anthem, then stood during pregame renditions of it, to the dismay of some fans.  The Saints took a knee before the National Anthem game that was dedicated to the New Orleans police officer was being observed.

The damage is done, Americans are waking up to the corruption within the NFL and the pathetic behavior from the players.  It is only now, after their tempter tantrums that the NFL is feeling the financial hit that some teams are saying they support LEO and our military.

Nothing has changed, they still stand with Black Lives Matter and they still loathe LEO and our military, they still believe in tearing down our history and our nation.

(H/T  The Advocate)

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