WATCH: Eric Bolling Points Out What Paul Ryan Did To President Trump That NO ONE Is Talking About

While discussing President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) decision to not go forward with a vote on the American Health Care Act, Eric Bolling said Ryan falsely led Trump to believe the bill was ready to pass.

Bolling said, “Think about long it took to get Obamacare through. It took time President Trump has been the commander-in-chief for 60 days, 60 and a couple days. They pushed that through. And if they really wanted — I don’t hate Paul Ryan. All you people saying you hate Paul Ryan. I hate what he did to the president. He led the president to believe this thing was ready to be passed. It could have passed but they need — Dana made a very good point. It needed a lot more discussion. It needed a lot more negotiating before they presented it.”

Bolling said, Ryan’s ObamaCare replacement bill is a “fat flop” which would hurt the exact people that elected Trump.


He said its passage would sink Trump’s 2020 reelection prospects and is not supported by those Republicans whom the voters elected with the promise to efficiently repeal ObamaCare.

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Bolling said the senator portmanteau of “John Lindsey McCain Graham” is Trump’s most passionate opponent within his own party.


“Who are these two has-been senators to demand the president do anything for them?” he asked.

He called on the South Carolinian and Arizonan to “get on board [the Trump Train] or get out of the way.”


“The Trump Train is an express to prosperity, no stops in RINO-Land planned,” Bolling said.

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Hell yeah!

Bolling is right. It’s time to move on and take care of business.

Let Obamacare explode on its own. I’ll pay the freaking fine until they replace it with something good.

We don’t want or need RINOCARE!

For the record, Bolling is one of my favorites at FOX.


(h/t Breitbart and FOX News)

God bless. 

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