[WATCH] Fearless Trump Supporter Crashes Bernie Sanders Rally With Best Anti-Obama Sign EVER…

Socialist Bernie Sanders had a special guest make an appearance at his ‘kill the rich’ rally at the University of Massachusetts on Saturday and let’s just say old Bernie wasn’t too happy about it!

A DONALD TRUMP supporter crashed the snooze fest sporting an EPIC anti-Obama sign which read, “Obama is as Christian as Bruce Jenner is a woman.” He was escorted from the event where the Democratic presidential candidate was speaking — but not before Sanders promised that billionaires like Trump would no longer control the country if he is elected.

“Here’s a Trump supporter worried about Mr. Trump’s money,” Sanders said, as the crowd began to boo the heckler. “”I say to Mr. Trump and his supporters that the billionaires in this country will not continue to own this nation.” The Trump supporter briefly stood on the stage and pumped his fists in the air while being peacefully escorted out by security. Classic!

The good part starts around the 2-minute mark.


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From Conservative Tribune:


While we don’t condone crashing rallies, this guy raises a serious point. President Barack Obama’s actions indicate he might not be a Christian, when we look at the unusual consideration he gives Islamic celebrations in the White House — and the unusual disrespect he has for traditional American holidays. Earlier this year, he celebrated Nowruz and Eid al-Adha while trying to do away with Thanksgiving.

Additionally, the Trump supporter brought up another interesting point — the Olympian formally known as Bruce Jenner and his sexuality. While Jenner may be confused about what gender he is, many would argue that he is a man despite any attempts to change his outward appearance.


The fact that Obama can celebrate Muslim holidays at the White House and the mainstream media can praise Jenner’s so-called courage with awards only demonstrates how much this country has deteriorated under Obama’s leadership.


Donald Trump TRASHES Sharpton Over Race Baiting “White Oscars” Boycott… SPREAD THIS

This country has been destroyed by Obama and the left and it’s time to take back our country before it’s too late!



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