[WATCH!] Here’s How Ted Cruz Would Fight ISIS As President!


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TEXAS) outlined how HE would deal with ISIS, IRAN and RUSSIA if elected president on FOX NEWS.

He says in order to defeat RADICAL ISLAM you need to IDENTIFY it. Obama refuses to do this.

“It is a bizarre, Orwellian double-speak that this is a president who will not utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,”Cruz said.

Cruz also pointed out that Obama called the terror attack in Paris “a random act of violence.” We all know that is pure hogwash!

“When radical Islamists go in with butcher knives to a kosher deli to murder Jews because of their Jewish faith, it’s not random,” Cruz said. “It is naked anti-Semitism.”

Cruz said that Iran is America’s no. 1 security threat, while radical Islam ranks second and Russia places third.

According to Cruz, the Iran deal will pave a path toward the nation acquiring nuclear weapons. He told Hannity about legislation that he introduced to impose sanctions on Iran that wouldn’t be lifted until Iran disassembles all centrifuges, hands over its enriched uranium and stops being a state sponsor of terrorism.

Cruz also detailed a plan to defeat ISIS, calling for Kurdish forces to be used as the principal boots on the ground alongside overwhelming Air Force power. Cruz said that if America needs to embed Special Forces or bring in limited ground troops, it should.

Here’s the video as seen on Hannity


“But it shouldn’t be a political decision – yes, boots on the ground, no, boots on the ground – it should be a military decision, what’s necessary to destroy ISIS,” he explained. 


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