WATCH: “Hillary Health Interview” BLOWS UP The Internet, Dems HORRIFIED At Timing


Hillary Clinton’s health issues have been in the spotlight with many of us concerned that she has brain damage as a result of the concussion she suffered back in 2012.

ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer did an interview with the current Democrat presidential candidate where they discussed Hillary’s health.

Take a good look and see if you notice anything ‘off’ about Hillary:

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YouTube video courtesy of Team Coco

WOW! That was crazy!

Now, Conan O’Brien isn’t exactly known for being a right winger but he is a pretty funny guy.


Those eyes were insane looking! Take a look at this video of Hillary in Philadelphia and see if you notice any similarity to the spoof video:

YouTube video courtesy of The American Mirror



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My friend and fellow journalist V Saxena at Conservative Tribune has more on Hillary’s health issues:

Writing for The Hill, Dr. John R. Coppedge, a general surgeon from Texas, hypothesized that Clinton had suffered “damage or pressure on her sixth cranial nerve.”

“It is known that she suffered a traumatic brain injury in late 2012,” he wrote. “What is also known is that she was diagnosed with a transverse sinus thrombosis — blood clot in the major vein at the base of the brain.”

“Almost all patients with a transverse sinus thrombosis suffer swelling of the brain and increased intracranial pressure,” he continued. “Most have headaches, balance issues and visual disturbances — all of which Clinton was reported to have following that event.”

And all of which were evidently still a problem for the presidential candidate — just as they had been when she suffered the concussion in 2012, when Conan spoofed her interview in 2014 and when she spoke at a campaign event this week.

This wasn’t a woman who had merely been injured and then recovered. This was a woman whose health had seemingly not improved much since the time she sustained the concussion.

She’s definitely unfit to be president.

God Bless.

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