Watch Hollywood Celebrities Unite And Have A Message For Trump Supporters- BOYCOTT Every Single One Of Them


Left-wing Hollywood stars are jeering at President Donald Trump and his more than 74 million supporters as the commander in chief enters the final hours of his term, saying “we have all dreamed and prayed for this day.” Elites including Michael Moore, Billy Eichner, Chelsea Handler, Bette Midler, and Jeffrey Wright posted jubilant and in some cases hate-filled messages mocking the outgoing president.

“Fuck Trump, fuck his whole family, fuck anyone that chose to work with him and fuck every single Trump voter,” comedian and Elizabeth Warren supporter Billy Eichner tweeted, Breitbart reports.


Instead of using whatever influence they believe they have to unite and attempt to bring peace to our nation, these egomaniacs decided, as they have been doing since former President of The United States Donald Trump declared he was running for President, they viciously add fuel to the fires of division and hate.

All this accomplishes is further anger and frustration within our nation as well as pushing us further from being able to stop the chaos that has taken hold in our cities.

Breitbart continued: President Donald Trump will officially conclude his term on Wednesday as Joe Biden takes the oath of office. The president has stated that he won’t be in attendance at Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, though Vice President Mike Pence has said he will be present.

Though Joe Biden has urged “unity” and “healing” in recent weeks, his inauguration festivities have so far pointed to more division. The official celebrations have featured starring roles for actress Debra Messing — who has promoted physical violence against President Trump — and a musical ensemble called the Resistance Revival Chorus, which has smeared conservatives as “fascists.”

Biden and Harris do not want peace and unity, they have made that crystal clear with their support of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting and looting, violence and murder.

It seems that the New America they demand of its citizens is one that will have them on their knees and anyone who opposes them, rounded up and reprogrammed.

It is not enough for the left to simply have removed President Trump and to have killed social media platforms, they continue to demand censorship and to re-write freedoms that citizens are supposed to have, but lets face it, haven’t had for many years.

Clearly they lack any class, integrity and selflessness, their arrogance and elitism is so out of control that they believe they can do whatever they want to whomever they want.  Why not?  They have been allowed to for as long as I can remember, with no accountability.

They are just bullies with money, nothing more.  It must be easy to use social media to babble out their hate and division, knowing they are protected to do so by the left wing social media platforms.

Our nation is divided like never before and the tactics that the left used have worked to perfection.  Make no mistake, they do not want peace, they do not want unity and they certainly have no desire to make America great again.

All they desire is power and money, to control and treat people as cattle and nothing more.  We will not see any help to build up our poor and impoverished and neighborhoods that desperately need help.

What we may very well see is the fires being used to destroy freedoms and the destruction of inalienable rights.

Since when did human life mean so little?  Humanity at its core is supposed to be about love, unity, freedom, free will and being free to pursue your happiness.

Former President Trump attempted to do the unthinkable, he took on the corrupt swamp and Hollywood and he truly believed he would be able to win.  You didn’t have to agree with everything he said or did but at least he tried, though the corruption is far deeper and stronger than maybe he had thought.

This is no longer about who supports who, this is about our nation and the citizens, this is about all of our children’s futures.  Not just the lefts, though it is painfully clear that it is only those who kneel to their agenda that they feel are “worthy” enough to eat off of their scraps.

Is this the “New World Order” that we have all been warned about for years or is this simply the New America we are forced to kneel too?

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