WATCH: IDIOT Thug WON’T Shut Up In Court, Judge’s EPIC 2 Words Leave Him Crying On Floor

A loudmouthed, idiot thug decided he was going to represent himself in a criminal trial, and things didn’t exactly go as well as he had planned. He decided to get into a verbal altercation with the judge, and it only took two epic words for him to be writhing on the ground crying… and it’s hilarious.

Saamir Jhaled Khaleel Kingali is a 27-year-old feral thug who was in court back in July of 2014 for the unlawful possession of a firearm. He decided to represent himself in front of the honorable Judge Robert C. Nally, who apparently doesn’t take crap from anyone, and when Kingali spouted off to the judge, he learned a hard lesson in respect.



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You see, apparently Kingali had a history of disrupting courtrooms, according to WTTG, including trying to bolt out of court, and Judge Nally was made aware of it prior to the hearing. So he had Kingali fitted with an electronic shock cuff that administered 50,000 reasons he needed to respect the authoritative figure in front of him, but he must have forgotten he was wearing it.


Kingali was getting on Nally’s nerves after ignoring his orders to stop speaking out, so the good judge spoke two simple, but incredibly awesome words to the court’s deputy – “Do it,” and do it he did.

As the 50,000 high-powered volts of electricity ran through Kingali’s body, he fell to the floor screaming in pain. While most of us would say it was a job well-done by Nally, his decision to silence a disrespectful thug cost him… big time.

The 72-year-old Nally was charged with a civil rights violation for what prosecutors said was a “highly disproportionate” response to Kingali’s interruptions. He pleaded guilty earlier this year, and on Thursday of last week, was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and serve a year’s probation. He was also removed from the bench after the incident occurred.


WATCH: IDIOT Thug WON’T Shut Up In Court, Judge’s EPIC 2 Words Leave Him Crying On Floor

However, the hard-headed judge refused to apologize on the record, and said that it’s disappointing that he was prosecuted for keeping an unruly thug in line during court.

“To say that I’m chagrined to be standing here is an understatement,” Nalley said in a brief statement.

For what it’s worth (absolutely nothing), Kingali claimed that Nally’s act of “torture” was a “very dehumanizing experience,” and “There was no justice” served on his behalf.

Whatever. You got what you had coming. Next time, leave your damn mouth at the door and respect the judge while you’re in court.

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God Bless.


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