[WATCH] Judge Jeanine Slams FOX and GOP, Issues BRUTAL Statement On TRUMP When She Says THIS


Judge Jeanine Pirro went after FOX News and the GOP establishment on the Saturday broadcast of “Justice” on Fox News Channel, blasting them for trying to keep GOP front-runner Donald Trump from getting the nomination.

Pirro says that ignoring the people’s votes and choosing someone else as a nominee would be “un-American” of the establishment.

“The Republicans actually take the cake. They are not even hiding what they plan to do.”

“They are about to change the rules, ignore the votes of people who waited in line for hours and invalidate the votes of people who have never voted before, and put in a candidate they think is good for them,” she said.


“Whatever happened to your vote matters? Not only is that infuriating, it is un-American,” said Pirro.

Check out the video!

YouTube video via Jim Partridge


“If ever there were a time to not take away our vote, it’s now. At a time when more people than ever are invested and voting. You want to keep your status quo. The one where one hand washes the other and we pay for the soap,” she said, obviously talking about the Republican establishment.

FOX News has been anti-Trump from the get-go, with a few exceptions such as Hannity, Greta, Tantaros and a few others.

One has to wonder if the FOX executives will punish the judge for taking a strong stand.

Vote for Trump and let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

God Bless.

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