WATCH: Liberal SCUMBAGS Tried To Burn An American Flag At LSU… They Got A HUGE Dose Of PATRIOTISM [Epic Videos]


Liberals are bottom feeding scum…


Let’s set the record straight right her and right now. We here at AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS will fight for the respect our American Flag deserves. ‘Old Glory’ represents freedom and has been defended by millions of VETERANS that made HUGE sacrifices to defend and preserve our freedoms!

So when we see LIBERAL ANTI-AMERICAN scumbags stomping on or burning our flag we get totally PISSED OFF!

These a holes are the bottom feeding liberal trash that we despise. We will fight tooth and nail to shut these a holes down. I say, GTFO you losers!

Here we have a completely useless pile of trash desecrating our flag. But these liberal scumbags quickly got put in their place by PATRIOTS shouting U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A!

HELL YEAH! This is what we are all about! We can either kiss these liberal’s a**es or put them in their place. That’s what I do in public- I tell liberals to go f themselves- this is my country and I will not stand for liberals spreading their filth- period!

Here’s a few videos!

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