WATCH: Liberal THUGS Light Trump Supporter ON FIRE While Chanting “Love Trumps Hate”


Feminazi Attempts Murder At Women’s March: Lights Trump Supporter On Fire; Laughs. HELP US FIND HER!

A feminist harpy decided that the wrath of god was too slow moving for her when she lit a Trump supporter’s hair on fire during the DC Women’s march. This disgusting cretin endangered a life to make a political statement and AFF Media is humbly requesting you watch the video and see if you can recognize her.



The GotNews Wesearchr team is hot on this woman’s trail and describes their suspect as a: “plump, rotund, Hispanic or Pacific Islander.” They have narrowed down a list of suspects that include, among others, a teacher.  Thankfully, some alleged friends of the perpetrator have come forward to make statements.



The Women’s March in Washington will become the responsibility of the historian to explain honestly.  For now, many of our fellow citizens will be left in the dark as to the truly insidious nature of the demonstrations for sadly many Americans are still convinced that political forces of this great Republic are akin to those of Star Wars.


Ask any feminist what the most evil force in all the land is and they will promptly tell you with the greatest degree of consistency that the white man, particularly the one that belongs to the Republican party is the pinnacle of ignominy. The second greatest evil? Women who do not get in line and listen to their liberal overlords.  If feminists hate white men, they at least accept that their interests are on opposing sides of the field.  But the liberal feminist is unable to accept the concept of one of her own sisters being a dreaded conservative and upon hearing this, she’ll often strike out verbally.  In the rarer cases this verbal harassment will escalate to physical violence.  In the worst of cases, a woman might even be set on fire.


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God Bless.

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