BOOM: Watch All HELL Break Loose When Pastor Drops BOMB On Muslim Imam About Muhammad

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Pastor Robert Jeffress and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi Were on Fox’s Sean Hannity show where they battled out the differences between Christianity and the Islamic religion where they worship a pedophile and call for the slaughter of all non-Muslims.

It was a hell of a show folks!

Aligning himself with Obama’s left-wing Muslim loving talking points, Mohammad said, “Please stop saying radical Islam. It is either radical or Islam, but can’t be both. Islamic radicalism is a big lie.”

Asked by Hannity if “radical Islam” was in fact a threat to the U.S., Elahi answered saying, “Yes, ISIS is evil, Islam is not evil. Evil is ignorance. Evil is injustice. Evil is prejudice. Evil is racism.”

Echoing Obama’s assertion that “ISIS is not Islamic,” Elahi again rejected any claim that Islamic terrorism draws inspiration from Islamic doctrine.

“Radical Islamists are evil, because they are not Islamic,” added Elahi.

Wait, dude just said there IS no radical Islam. Make up your mind Mr. Mohammad dude.

Check it out.

Drawing a contrast between Christianity and Islam as doctrines, Jeffress shared his view of the central figures of the two religions and their respective sacred texts.

“You can’t find one verse in the New Testament that says, ‘Kill unbelievers.’ Jesus, the founder of our faith, didn’t kill anybody. But you look in the Quran, you can find thirty-five sword verses,” said Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, author and television and radio host.

“Muhammad was nothing but a bloodthirsty warlord who beheaded six hundred Jews who would not follow him,” added Jeffress.

Pointing to the Ku Klux Klan and terrorists targeting abortionists and their clinics as unrepresentative of genuine Christianity, Elahi claimed that Jeffress was unfairly tainting Muslims and Islam.


Addison Riddleberger at Conservative Tribune adds this:

Damning to say the least. Islam’s attempt to form a geo-political empire that’s established in the four corners of the globe will stop at nothing. We can “carpet bomb” terrorists day and night, but they’ll just keep killing — shouldn’t we be more focused on carpet bombing an explosive and detrimental ideology?

After all, there are moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Quran.

(h/t Daily Wire)

God Bless.


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