[WATCH] ‘Peaceful’ Muslim Refugees Attack Citizens, Throw Feces And Chant “Allahu Akbar”


The Muslim refugee problem is out of control all over the world. While countries are allowing these people to come, the Muslims are not thanking them. No, instead they are complaining about the food they are generously given and complaining about the bottled water because of the ‘Red Cross’ labels and even rioting aver the ‘inadequate’ shelters they have been provided. Unbelievable, right? But it get’s much worse.

Not only are these ungrateful a holes complaining but they are shouting death threats and obscenities and throwing ‘feces’ at the very people that are helping them!

The lamestream media, of course portrays these people as helpless women and children and elderly folks. But that’s not the case. Many of these so-called ‘refugees’ are nothing more than violent Muslim JIHADISTS!

Here are a series of videos compiled by Paul Joseph Watson at INFOWARS which will show you things the MSM won’t. Take a look. ***WARNING*** graphic language and images.


Muslim refugees chant ‘F**k You’ and ‘ Allahu Akbar’ in Budapest

ISIS recruits shout “Allah Akbar” in Refugee trains going to Germany


Meanwhile, an eyewitness at the Italy-Austrian border relates how she saw an elderly Italian woman grabbed by her hair and pulled from her car by a group of “aggressive young men” who wanted to steal the car to get to Germany, while others threw excrement at bystanders.

“Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria i saw a huge crowd of immigrants. With all solidarity to people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror. This huge mass of people – sorry – but it’s an absolute wilderness … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting “We want Germany”. So what, Germany is now a paradise?”


“I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus I was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass. My question is- for what purpose? How do they want to assimilate in Germany? For a moment, i felt like in a warzone. I really feel sorry for these people, but if they would reach Poland – I do not think they would receive any understanding from us.”

Footage taken at a migrant camp near Milan shows refugees rioting over “poor living conditions”.

Italy: Illegal immigrants complain and riot over ”poor living conditions”


Another compilation video shows African migrants and others tearing down traffic lights, attacking shops and beating people up.

End Times: Europe crumbles under the devastating Impact of Mass Immigration

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The wave of migrants crossing into Europe shows little sign of abating, with Germany announcing that it would be willing to take 500,000 “asylum seekers” every single year in addition to the 800,000 expected to arrive before the end of this year.

As we document in the video below, many of the so-called “refugees” are actually economic migrants who are fleeing to a higher standard of living, and not from war or ISIS persecution.

“If Europe does not seal its borders, what is to stop the Islamic world and Third World from coming and repopulating the continent with their own kind, as the shrinking native populations of Europe die out?” writes Pat Buchanan in his new column.

The Truth About the Migrant Crisis

YouTube video via Paul Joseph Watson

A humanitarian crisis? Perhaps but my opinion is to keep Americans safe- secure the border. There’s plenty of other places to go. 


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