WATCH! Sheriff David Clarke Slams Baltimore Rioters… “This Is Sub-Human Behavior- It Has To Be Crushed”


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has plenty to say about the situation in Baltimore and he is NOT happy about the Police being prevented from stopping the rioters from destroying the city!

Clarke said the only way to quell riots like this is with force.

FOX NEWS: “I’m tired of seeing our nation’s finest being put into these situations with no way to be able to defend themselves. You cannot put law enforcement officers into a riot situation and tie one hand behind their back with a main goal of not being able to escalate things. You meet force with force. That’s the only thing that these rioters understand. There were 15 casualties on the police side and I haven’t heard of one casualty on the side of the rioters,” said Clarke.

He added that the situation is not going to improve until the mayor and the police commanders allow officers go in with a reasonable use of force and defeat the “spirit” of the agitators.

“I’m looking to win. I’m looking for Baltimore’s finest to be able to succeed. The only thing that the mayor should be asking police commanders is: ‘are we winning?’ And if the answer is not ‘yes,’ then she needs to get more resources in there,” he said, adding that the Baltimore police seem “afraid” to use force.

Martha MacCallum asked why there is not a “zero-tolerance policy” against looting and against dangerous objects, like bricks, being hurled at police officers.

“Those were pieces of concrete being thrown, which I think in some circumstances, a deadly force response is justifiable. I’m not saying to fully unload. But at the same time, when I see cops getting bricks and pieces of concrete thrown at them and all they can do is ward it off? They’re in a losing situation,” said Clarke.

Clarke said he does not yet know enough of the facts about the death of Freddie Gray to make a judgment, calling for people to allow the investigation to play out.

He added that thugs and criminals have taken advantage of Gray’s death and that the overwhelming majority of Baltimore residents are good, law-abiding people.

“This is sub-human behavior. This is a subculture of the black community in Baltimore and it has to be crushed.”


The Sheriff is absolutely spot-on, as usual…



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