Watch This Army Vet DESTROY Obama’s Gun Control Agenda In “Best 2nd Amendment Speech Ever”


This speech by given by Iraq combat veteran and Poughkeepsie Police Officer Aaron Weiss and should clear up any doubt that Obama and his fellow liberal gun grabbers are dead wrong about their ‘Safe-Act’ measure that was passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

In this video we see the Veteran speaking to the liberal Dutchess County Legislature New York State.

Weiss slams the legislators for proclaiming that they were courageous by passing a strict gun control law in the middle of the night while patriots were sleeping. He points out that they are basically fear mongering to get support for their ‘politically expedient’ gun control agenda.


He also points out that these gun grabbers never speak about the thousands of children killed in places like Chicago, where some of the toughest gun laws are in place.

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At one point he gets choked up when talking about the friends he lost in combat and pointed out that they didn’t make the ultimate sacrifice just to have lawmakers, in the safety of their homes, take away American’s rights “based on the demented actions of a couple of mad men.”


“So yeah, my right trumps your dead.”

He challenged these lawmakers who would vote to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens, then turn around and ask people like himself to enforce such a vote asking, “Since voting to take away someone’s rights is totally different than being asked to enforce it, I want you to consider this,” Weiss said. “If you support the SAFE Act so whole heartedly, are you willing to stand with law enforcement members who lead from the front to enforcement? What I mean by that is if a constituent of yours feels so alienated by this law and the manner in which it was passed and they refuse to comply with it, are you willing to stack up on their front door and go in first?”


“I bet if a clause was in this bill that required you, the elected leadership, our elected leaders to go in the door first, I bet you would not be so steadfast,” he concluded.

Many patriots have called this one of the “best Second Amendment speeches ever!”

YouTube video via justinwoolee

Conservative Tribune adds:

Gun control advocates never address the criminals or crazy people who perpetrate virtually all of the gun violence they worry about, and would instead force everyone to pay for the actions of a few bad actors.

Likewise, while they will easily vote to take away rights and property, they would never take part in the actual enforcement such votes inevitably lead to.

(H/T Top Right News)

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