WATCH This Store Clerk SCHOOL This Armed Thug! This Is Amazing…


Here’s a tip to thieves, NEVER give your gun to the person you are trying to rob…


Okay this is a FANTASTIC story about a female Kentucky store clerk, Zara Adil who fought off 2 armed robbers. The thug actually put his gun down on the counter while he attempted to take the cash out of the cash register and that’s when the brave young clerk grabbed the gun, fought with the loser and shot the idiot!

The young here only suffered minor injuries-scratches and bruises and the thugs left empty handed!


FOX reports:

“He’s been in the store as a customer. So I recognized him and I even asked him why he was doing this. There must be a reason why he’s coming to rob somebody,” she said, adding that in hindsight, it was not a good idea to take on an armed man.

“I realize now it was dangerous and I could have gotten killed. But something that I’ve been brought up with is if you’re going to die, you’re gonna die and if you’re going to live, you’re gonna live. You can’t stop something from happening,” Adil said.

Adil said despite her heroics, she sees herself as a doctor someday, not a police officer.


According to WXYT-TV, police arrested the suspect who they believe was the man in the video. Darnell Thomas, 34, is suspected in more than a dozen robberies, police said.

Watch the amazing video and interview from as seen on Fox and Friends!


WOW! How great was that! God bless this young lady! Let’s not dismiss the FACT that without that gun, things could have turned out a whole lot different! 

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