WATCH: U.S. Citizens Sign Petition To Ban American Flag & Replace It With THIS…



As predicted, some Americans want to ban our US Flag because after all, it is racist just as much as the Confederate Flag, right? It was made by White people. Every president has been White except for half of the Kenyan.

Here’s Mark Dice getting morons to sign a petition to BAN OUR AMERICAN FLAG! What’s worse, he tells these idiots that it will be replaced with a rainbow colored NWO triangle! These scumbags signed the petition! Unbelievable!

Here’s the video!

YouTube video via Mark Dice

U.S. Citizens Sign Petition to Ban American Flag and Issue New Design for the New World Order! Media analyst Mark Dice asked beach goers in San Diego to sign a petition he said would result in issuing a new American flag for a “New World Order” because the current one is offensive to some immigrants and is associated with imperialism and racism. 

Paul Joseph Watson / INFOWARS reports:

Although some refused to sign, when told that Old Glory has a history of “imperialism and racism,” numerous San Diegans agreed, with one man commenting, “It sounds like a great idea.”

“A lot of people are offended by the American flag,” says Dice, to which another individual enthusiastically responds, “I’ll sign this shit man!”

Liberal moron…

“Support issuing a new American flag for the new world order,” Dice tells the man, to which he agrees, “F**k yeah man!”

Liberal jackass…

“Basically ban the American flag, we’re gonna put up a new American flag over the capital to signify the new world order,” Dice tells another man who signs the petition.

When a woman asks what the new flag will look like, Dice tells her it will include a pyramid and a rainbow for gay pride and to “signify the unity in the new world order.” “Interesting,” she responds as she signs the petition.

LMAO Dice made me crack up on that one! 

Wait, maybe I shouldn’t laugh- the way things are going that could very well happen! 

This is totally out of control…

God Bless. 

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God Bless.

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