WATCH: U.S. Citizens Sign Petition To Ban American Flag & Replace It With THIS…



As predicted, some Americans want to ban our US Flag because after all, it is racist just as much as the Confederate Flag, right? It was made by White people. Every president has been White except for half of the Kenyan.

Here’s Mark Dice getting morons to sign a petition to BAN OUR AMERICAN FLAG! What’s worse, he tells these idiots that it will be replaced with a rainbow colored NWO triangle! These scumbags signed the petition! Unbelievable!


Here’s the video!

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YouTube video via Mark Dice

U.S. Citizens Sign Petition to Ban American Flag and Issue New Design for the New World Order! Media analyst Mark Dice asked beach goers in San Diego to sign a petition he said would result in issuing a new American flag for a “New World Order” because the current one is offensive to some immigrants and is associated with imperialism and racism. 


Paul Joseph Watson / INFOWARS reports:

Although some refused to sign, when told that Old Glory has a history of “imperialism and racism,” numerous San Diegans agreed, with one man commenting, “It sounds like a great idea.”

“A lot of people are offended by the American flag,” says Dice, to which another individual enthusiastically responds, “I’ll sign this shit man!”

Liberal moron…

“Support issuing a new American flag for the new world order,” Dice tells the man, to which he agrees, “F**k yeah man!”

Liberal jackass…

“Basically ban the American flag, we’re gonna put up a new American flag over the capital to signify the new world order,” Dice tells another man who signs the petition.

When a woman asks what the new flag will look like, Dice tells her it will include a pyramid and a rainbow for gay pride and to “signify the unity in the new world order.” “Interesting,” she responds as she signs the petition.

LMAO Dice made me crack up on that one! 

Wait, maybe I shouldn’t laugh- the way things are going that could very well happen! 

This is totally out of control…


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  1. Grey Winters says:

    They should release the names of these idiots to the public.

  2. Mickey Mouse says:

    And now you see one of the reason Obama got elected then re-elected.

  3. Treasonous, in my view..
    But then again, I love my country…..

    If folks are so unhappy living here, then maybe they should make camp somewhere else….

    • John Knowlton says:

      Nah. Don’t feel like moving. Think I’ll just work towards an all-inclusive country that doesn’t tolerate hate instead.

      Btw, “treasonous, in my view” is hilarious coming from a guy with the Confederate Battle Jack as his profile picture.

      • Lmao…
        what I find hilarious… dips hits like you…who hide behind a keyboard, and talk shit…lol..knowing damn well he or she’doesn’t get buried…
        don’t my profile pic??oh well…
        catch ALS.

  4. One of the signer (in the top pic) is even wearing a patriotic hat and shirt . Go figure.

  5. My husband almost lost his live fighting for that flag and what is stands for… if any of this is true and if my husband was to get deployed again and his Coffeen which I pray to god that doesn’t happen came back with a rainbow flag on it I would be pissed as hell.

  6. Rosemary E. Lloyd says:

    Men and women died for our flag and all it represents. Because these IDIOT MILLENNIALS are not being taught American History (but they ‘feel good about themselves’), they don’t know about WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc. I’m proud of Mark Dice for what he did — or at least I was when I found out it was a hoax and he wanted to see how low these scumbags would go. I don’t yet know how to do it but … something must be done with the generation that is up-and-coming to make sure our young people will never fall for such nonsense again. THANK YOU, Mark! God bless you and GOD BLESS OUR FLAG!

  7. I think the first guy was a Marine and was dicking with him. I imagine he named himself go f off or something like that.

  8. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Several years back, they had hundreds signing a petition to remove the Bill of Rights, and another to double the number of Senators from one per state to two. (Yeah, there were that many voters who didn’t know every state has two Senators already.) Many people will sign anything just to get rid of the pesky person presenting the petition. So I’m not sure if it’s a sign of their ignorance or the quality of the people asking for signatures.

  9. Just shows why our America is going to hell with these young idiots, who will sign anything! I ONLY want the RED/White and BLUE, because I am a PROUD AMERICAN.

  10. Wake up, people.
    These are “standard issue” graduates of today’s DOE.
    Pre-K through college.

    EVERYONE’s tax $$$ abused for ignorance and biased politics!

    JOB 1 = Stop voting for it.

    • Time Congress cut funding. Tell the schools get rid of these wacky teachers or lose funding.

      • That’s just it, Ron.
        These are TOP-DOWN problems.

        Teachers and local school admin do NOT set policy!
        They take orders from DOE and lawmakers.
        If they want to be paid, they must teach (and not teach) per instructions (laws.)

        Unions are complicit.

        People must stop voting for the DNC and RINOS.
        That includes union voters!

        No more using government schools for biased propaganda and biased politics.
        This is abuse of EVERYONE’s tax $$$.

        EVERYONE’s children are the prinary target.
        EVERYONE’s children will pay the many high prices for the rest of their lives.

  11. Time Congress tell these schools get rid of these far left teachers or we cut Fed. Funding.

  12. I like to know how many people signed it.

  13. This crap is being taught in schools all over America. Time Congress cut funding. Get rid of these wacky professors.

  14. This article was written as a JOKE. Mark Dice is an actor, so are the people signing. Please look at to see if the source of the news was TRUE or FALSE. Remember you shouldn’t believe everything you read, especially if it’s on the INTERNET! It may not be REAL news, by REAL journalists. Nobody wants to change our super awesome STARS AND BARS!

  15. Danielle Vaccaro says:

    I hope they take that list of morons names to gather them all up and boot thier asses out of this country !

  16. Ginger Heart says:

    WTF? Now the HNIC in DC is claiming the American flag is racist? If there is anything racist in this country it’s that ass hole in the White House. Where’s the petition to get rid of him? I’ll be proud to sign that one!

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