Watch Veteran Confront #BLM Thugs Doing THIS To American Flag… [EPIC VIDEO]



Ferguson protesters demand justice for Michael Brown. Sounds reasonable. Oh wait, they got justice. There was a very thorough (and actually biased in their favor) investigation into the shooting. It was deemed justifiable. End of story. Let Michael Brown rest in peace. Right? Oh hell no!

Instead they riot. Loot. Kill each other! And also stomp on our American flags… That’s right, they are disrespecting the very flag that stands for freedom including the freedom to protest.

One Vietnam veteran saw these thugs stomping on the American flag and immediately confronted them.

Indianapolis-based reporter Patrick Calvert tweeted the intense video out on Monday.

“I fought for this flag,” the man tells a small group of demonstrators. “What’s he doing to my f***ing flag?”

“We’re doing this to your f***ing flag,” a protester says as he grinds his feet into the stars and stripes.

“What does my flag have to do with this?” the man demands.

“It’s about what your flag represents that’s doing to us,” a protester responds. (H/T Fox News)

Michelle Jesse at Allen B. West adds: First, appreciate how the “N” word has become an all-purpose expletive blacks can apply liberally to whomever they choose.

Now, wouldn’t you love to ask the protester what, exactly, the American flag is “doing to” him? Notice how he calls it “your flag”; clearly, he does not have any sense of pride or ownership of this great nation (yeah, I know, the first clue might’ve been him stomping on the flag itself). Perhaps someone might clue him into the fact that flags don’t do anything to people; people do. And maybe someone might direct him to look into some of the policies people — namely, Democrats — have put into place that may affect him in not such great ways.

I’d also love to ask this guy what, besides stomping on American flags in the street, HE’s actually doing to try to make a difference in this country or world? I bet if we asked that veteran, he’d have a pretty clear answer.

You know, this just shows the lack of intelligence these ‘protesters’ have. Our flag causes blacks to kill blacks? Our flag caused Michael Brown to attack and try to grab Officer Darren Wilson’s firearm? Give me a fricking break dude.

Look, most of these so-called protesters really don’t give a crap about Michael Brown. They are there simply to loot, riot and destroy whatever they can get their filthy hands on. 

God Bless.

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