Watch What Happens When This #BlackLivesMatter THUG Get’s Arrested For Threatening WHITES And COPS…

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Police in Clayton County, Georgia have finally arrested a Black Lives Matter scumbag named Latausha Nedd aka “Eye Empress Sekhmet” after she posted a video on YouTube calling for “open season” on police and “crackers” as well as called for the taking over police stations.

“I say let’s have a take a gun day, and start walking up on these untrained and stealing their weapons,” Nedd said.

The video shows her flashing around a gun and a machete while spewing her racist hatred towards White people.

WSB-TV reports that this lady says she never advocated killing police. Say what? Give us a fricking break!

“This is about a YouTube video? I’ve seen worse on YouTube,” Nedd said from the back of a police cruiser. “All I said was defend yourself against people who want to kill us. That’s all. I never said anything more than that.”

I guess she forgot about the killing cops and crackas part lol! What an idiot. She can’t even lie good. Typical though. Just like Obama…

Nedd claims she’s harmless. But according to police, her words are as dangerous as any weapon.

“It’s also the reaction she solicits or anyone solicits from people who may be listening,” Register said.

Nedd remains in the Clayton County Jail, charged with making terroristic threats and transmitting those threats through social media.

Here is Nedd on Memorial Day. What a pile of garbage.



“F*** Yo Flag” planned to have a huge protest (riot) on Sept. 11 at Stone Mountain in Georgia. They planned on doing the typical garbage like stomping on and burning American flags and complaining about when they were slaves picking cotton, how the White man has oppressed them and they have no rights or whatever it is they constantly complain about. Only 8 idiots showed up! She’s one of them.




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