We Just Discovered Something TERRIFYING About OHIO TERRORIST’S Mosque… MSM Totally SILENT

What’s Going On In Columbus, Ohio?

This is the 8th recent terrorist-link. Great job LIBERALS! 

This isn’t a simple question of what’s going on with Abdul Razak Ali Artan, because frankly, I don’t care if he’s been isolated, if his feelings are hurt or if he feels like his refugee status left some suspicious towards him. There are plenty of Disney movies that cover all those topics and how to deal with them without trying to go on a Nice-style rampage in your motor-vehicle.

This isn’t an article about this filthy Muslim or his feelings. There is no justification, no excuse, for the actions taken by him. But there is an explanation.

Ohio (And Columbus In Particular) Encourage These Types Of Residents

This is an article about the eight different terrorist links (to a city no one really visits) in the last ten years alone.  Almost all of these attacks are linked in some way to Mosque Omar, the oldest Mosque in Columbus.  Every Friday, 500 people gather for prayer at Masjid Omarhalf of them are reportedly students.  The Mosque is located just a short walk from the Ohio State University campus.  It’s likely that some Friday in the not too distant past today’s savage attacker could be found there.  


What’s positive and known is that Columbus has a problem with Islamic terror and they seem to be accidentally incubating it.  Good thing we didn’t end up with Kasich as a nominee. He couldn’t even take care of a state with three (real) cities.

Mosque Omar And It’s Terror

Zakia and Rasel Nasrin moved to Columbus from Bangladesh in 2000 along with their middle class parents.  They attended prayer service at Masjid Omar as well. Fourteen years later both Zakia and Rasel left the United States permanently. They traveled to Syria where Rasel was killed and Zakia remains living with her husband.

It probably doesn’t help that the leader of the mosque seems quick to assume the best of those that are accused of the worst deeds.  In the past, he has been known to pray for terrorists that plead guilty.

Far From Isolated, These Attacks Form A Pattern

Columbus is quick to tout it’s refugee program as being a boon to the economy. But what if it’s also a Trojan horse?


One of the largest terror cells since 9/11 was also linked to Masjid Omar.

In 2015, 4 men who had previously attended the OH mosque were charged with fundraising for Al-Qaeda.

Let’s not forget the machete attacker Mohamed Barry who had been investigated in 2011 before he went on his his 2015 rampage.

So why is this happening? Likely due to the high concentration of refugees that choose to relocate in Columbus when they are able to due to the high concentration of refugees, the favorable disposition towards refugees, and the number of mosques.

Remember, Refugee Resettlement is quite the lucrative business.

Follow the money and end the resettlement of these refugees.


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