We Just Discovered Who’s In Charge Of New DOJ Hillary Investigation, SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE


As you all know by now, the FBI has reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities regarding her using a prohibited server and putting our nation at risk by emailing top secret, classified information virtually unprotected.

After discovering over 650,000 emails on Huma Abedin and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the FBI made the decision to reopen the Hillary probe.

Moments ago, the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) announced it is also joining the probe to dedicate all needed resources to quickly review the over half a million emails.



Not good. Here’s why.

Peter J. Kadzik 

In the letter to Congress, assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik wrote that the DOJ “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible.”

Here’s the problem- Kadzik is one of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s BEST FRIENDS! Not only that, but they have a long history of working together.


The Federalist Papers reports that the two were a bit closer than wine and bread baskets. The two went to law school together at Georgetown in the 1970’s and have remained chummy, they’ve celebrated Podesta’s birthday, and Kadzik’s son even felt comfortable enough to ask Podesta for a job on the Clinton campaign.

As Zero Hedge notes, Kadzik, whose DOJ career started in 2013, “helped spearhead the effort to nominate Lynch, who was heavily criticized for her secret meeting with the former president.”

In another twist, Kadzik also represented Podesta during the Monica Lewisnky scandal when Podesta served as former President Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff. Podesta noted in an email that Kadzik was a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept him out of jail.” Podesta perjured himself in front of a grand jury but later claimed that Slick Willy lied to him.


Kadzik’s first involvement in the Clinton email brouhaha came in a Sept. 24, 2015 response letter to Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley in which he declined to confirm or deny whether the DOJ was investigating Clinton. Last month, Politico reported that Kadzik angered Republican lawmakers when, in a classified briefing, he declined to say whether Clinton aides who received DOJ immunity were required to cooperate with congressional probes.


Kadzik also testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing last month on the issue of classifications and redactions in the FBI’s files of the Clinton email investigation.

Finally, it is also worth noting that Kadzik’s wife, Amy Weiss, currently at Weiss Public Affairs worked on the 1992 Clinton/Gore Campaign as a Press Secretary, and Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee, and a White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton.

The best friend of John Podesta, Clinton’s Campaign chair, at the DOJ will be in charge of a probe that could potentially sink Hillary Clinton!

Once again, this is corrupt as all hell.


Feel free to let me know what you think about this in the comments below. Have at it and let it all out! 

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