Welfare Leech Says $1,700 A Month From Government Is “DISGUSTING”… Here’s Her SICK DEMAND


Welfare abuse is rampant in America thanks to the policies of Barack Obama and his liberal followers. They have created a major problem by making it easy for people to get in these programs and once these people are in- they are in it for the long haul.

These programs were created to help people during hard times- not to be a way of life.

Often we see these welfare leeches actually complain about the amount of money they receive for sitting on their butts while the rest of us work OUR butts off to support them.

The problem isn’t exclusive to America. It exists all over the world including the U.K.


Meet Debbie Merton, age 46, who has been unable to work because of what she claims is a disability for 24 years, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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This woman is actually mad as hell about the $1700 she receives from the government! $1700 is a lot of money to get for kicking back and doing nothing.

This woman believes she is entitled to MORE and calls it “disgusting” how the government expects her expects her to live on that amount of money.


“It’s bloody hard and the government don’t really give a s***, they’re alright in their posh houses and eating lobster and caviar every night,” she complained adding, “It’s just disgusting how they expect you to live on money and support a house and support yourself.”


While having a nice dinner party complete with cocktails (paid for by the government/tax-payers) the lady actually bashed the QUEEN saying, “Look at the Queen, she’s got Buckingham Palace and God knows how many other f****** properties,” adding, “All her grandchildren and kids have got two, three, four different houses and we’re sitting here on the poverty line, eating c**p. while THAT is sitting in her f****** palace, eating pretty, eating swan and everything.”


This lady is known to be a party animal, throwing dinner parties and having her friends over and getting drunk. She actually got an eviction notice from the housing association after numerous complaints from her neighbors who finally got fed up with her shenanigans and called the police at 2:am reporting fighting, shouting and loud music!

This lady is a mess. This is what happens when people make their living off of government programs. This lady complains about the government but expects them to help her find another place to live!

What an ungrateful, disgusting human. We couldn’t find out what this woman’s disability actually is but my guess is that it a mental disability. Just a guess.

God Bless.


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