Welfare LEECHES Just Got BAD News In THIS State- Liberals Are Panicking



Leftist heads are exploding all over Ohio, as Ohio state auditor David Yost calls for a plan to add photo ID to food stamp cards in hopes to prevent fraud. Working hand in hand with two Republican legislators – State Rep. Tim Schaffer and State Sen. Matt Huffman, to introduce legislation into Congress, in to add photo ID in their efforts to combat the rampant fraud found within the food stamp program.

This all stems from loopholes Yost discovered in the $2.5 billion food stamp program leaving the door wide open for rampant abuse.  It is believed that the photo ID will circumvent the trafficking of food stamp cards for money. As you can imagine liberals collective heads are about to rupture considering they refuse to even require a photo ID for voting with wild claims that it disenfranchises voters. The bill does provide exemptions to opt out of the photo requirement due to ‘religious’ beliefs.

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EBT cardsAt a Statehouse news conference, Yost spoke of last year’s audit and the finding of loopholes in Ohio’s $2.5 billion food stamp program, formally known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), that could potential open the door to rampant fraud and indeed currently has. Yost revealed an approximately 5% demonstrable fraud and administrative error rate with the OH food stamp system


The left is already coming out of the woodwork to make excuses, with the first in line being none other than the executive director of the Ohio Association of Food Banks, Lisa Hamlet-Fugitt, with claims that this legislation is completely unnecessary and even goes so far as to say that people who need the benefits may be intimidated by the new requirement, stopping them from receiving their “rightful” benefits.

“Rightful?” Really? If you are going to ask me as a tax paying American citizen to take money out of the hands of my own family and food out of my own family’s mouths in order to assist yours?  You are absolutely right I am going to make dead certain those funds are being used in the method intended for the person they are intended to assist. If it takes a picture on your EBT card to ensure that is what is going to happen?  You best believe that is what we need to do.  I cannot imagine I am the only hard working American to feel this way either. There is a VAST difference between a hand UP and a hand OUT.

Yost’s plan is a no brainer for any thinking American that is looking NOT to get fleeced by the deadbeats and the derelict that think it is some how the duty of the state to feed, house, and cloth then.  Instead, allow those funds to genuinely help those that need it, instead handing out EBT cards to all and sundry further enabling their problems, perpetuating a cycle of government dependency that carries on from generation to generation.


h/t – Dayton Daily News

God Bless.

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