Welfare Moochers FURIOUS After THESE Signs Posted At Grocery Stores

A lot of Obama supporting welfare moochers are furious over some special signs that are popping up at Wawa grocery stores in Philadelphia.

The signs tell the leeches that their stores are no longer going to be accepting food stamps and to GET A JOB! Lol, too funny but TRUE!

The signs read:

“We are no longer accepting EBT. Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe it’s time to get a job.”

The signs were posted on The Philly Offensive Facebook page and is already going viral! Almost 6,000 people have liked it this week and people are sharing it because they are sick and tired of welfare peasants who refuse to work and just live off of us hardworking taxpayers.


Lol. They are getting some hate from people that are on welfare. I should note that the Facebook page that posted this is an entertainment site so this was just a harmless prank.

Obviously not everyone that receives help from the government (you and I) is gaming the system of course. I have no problem helping the needy.

But the fact remains that there are millions of perfectly able-bodied, healthy people that would rather live for free instead of working.

To those people I say- GET A JOB!!!

(h/t Political Insider)

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God Bless.

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