Welfare PEASANT Gets Checks Cancelled, Issues SICK Demand To AMERICA (Video)


“Who’s gonna pay my rent?” This is the question that this seemingly perfectly healthy young woman has for you and I.


But unfortunately, Obama and the liberal progressive degenerates have turned being unemployed into a lifestyle- all by design.

The more dependent citizens are on the government, the easier it becomes to take away your Constitutional rights. Comply or you’ll get no more free money.


A lot of people feel they are entitled to handouts. They aren’t.

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However, many people legitimately need assistance. Handicapped people. Veterans definitely deserve anything and everything we can do to help them. But lazy, perfectly healthy, able bodied people need to get their acts together and take care of themselves.


Check it out.



This is what we have here in America because of liberal politics.

I’ll concede the fact that this lady is mentally disturbed but that’s not my problem. She’s obviously torn up inside as a result of being a complete failure. Maybe there’s more to her story, but I doubt it.

Enough is enough- get a job lady.



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  1. Thanks democrats. These are ya’lls people. What a mouthy C**t

  2. The progressives better stop pissing off their voters. They just might stay home and not vote for them.

  3. worth meads says:

    This POS has probably got a black man living with her..

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you tax payers, but I for one am tried of paying for these kinds of people.. I have worked sense I was 15 started paying in two S.S. at age 16. I’m 60 now and still work my ass off 6 days a week, and my government tells me all that money I paid in to S.S. is not mine.Even worse is by the time I do retire S.S. may not even exist, if the government has their way..Which means I’m screwed. Will I be able to get on welfare probably not I’m white,single with no small children..

    • I’m telling all you hard working American taxpayers, STOP PAY FED TAXES…WE ARE JUST FUNDING THESE LAZYASS LITURDS…DEFUND THE GOV!!!!And Richard I totally agree with you 100%!!!

  5. Randy C. Lindsey says:

    “For you and me.” (Good story though.)

  6. Hey! I worked for 45 years and pulled two years in the military to get the little that I get on retirement. These people like her should try working sometime. They say there ain’t any jobs? There is if they look for it! May not pay what they think their worth, but at least they won’t starve! People like this try to live high on the hog while working folks pay for them to lay on their butt and complain!

  7. I bet she has spent her entire life on “Welfare, and never worked a day in her useless life, still thinks everyone owes her a living.

  8. I do believe that’s in Australia.

  9. Vincent Dupire says:

    A prime example of an Australian Dole Leech, similar genetically to the American Welfare Monkey. Note the anger, the sense of entitlement and the general lack of ambition.

  10. I hope her growling belly teaches her a lesson.

  11. Mark Bailey says:

    If you think this woman needs assistance vote for Sanders or Hillary.

  12. People like her need to protest by not voting in the November election.

  13. ERM…….Am I the only person here that noticed this was in Australia?

  14. Christina Dolman says:

    Crazy Ass Loser!

  15. First of all she is not a lady!!!!

  16. Kirsten Binski says:

    Here’s a thought get a god damn job…AND PAY YOUR OWN RENT…YOU WORTHLESS POS…

  17. Benny Boggess says:

    As long as the government gives these handouts to millions that are too sorry to work, they’re going to stand in line and collect. I saw a week ago that in the last 7 years , people who have gotten on welfare increased 46 million . I’m on SS , and it’s hard to get the medicine and other daily needs, but I see these sorry asses going on cruises , and using their money to get drugs , alcohol , new cars and anything that they want, sure if they’re unable to work , glad that they can get assistance. They need to put to them to work and get them off welfare.

  18. Unjust System says:

    Years ago I labeled women who received more and more welfare (because they had a kid every year or so) as ‘government subsidized whores’ People called me cold hearted! This is what happens when people forget to keep the government in check! the constitution was never meant to allow government to tell people what they can and can’t do – the people are supposed to limit government. We need to take this country back!

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