Welfare Worker SHOCKED By Mom With 15 Kids – Then THIS Happened…

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Every now and then America’s Freedom Fighters likes to take a break from the every day problems we all deal with when it comes to the troubles our country and world are facing and like they say, ‘Laughter is GOOD MEDICINE!’ We hope you enjoy! 


A woman strolls into her local welfare office to sign up for Obama’s freebies with her 15 kids.

“WOW!” the social worker exclaims, “Are they ALL yours?”

“Yeah, they be all mine,” the flustered momma says, having heard that question a million times before.

The momma said, “SIT DOWN LEROY!” And ALL the kids rushed to find a seat.

“Well,” the social worker says, “You must be here to sign up. So I’ll need all your children’s names.”

“Well, to keep it simple, the boys is all named Leroy and the girls is all named Leighroy.”

In disbelief the the case worker asks, “Are you serious? They’re ALL named LEROY?”

Their momma replied, “Well yeah, it makes it easier. When it’s time to get them out of bed for school I yells, ‘LEROY!’ And when it be time fo suppa I be yelling ‘LEROY!’ An they all be coming runnin.

An’ if I needs to stop the kid who be playin’ in da street I just yells LEROY, and all of dem stops. It be the smartest thing I ever done thunk of, namin dem all LEROY.

The social worker thinks this all over for a bit then scratches her head and asks, “But what if you want just ONE kid to come and not the whole bunch?”

Momma replied, “Then I calls them by they last name…”


Lol! Good for Momma! Seems she’s been a very busy woman! At least she didn’t abort them! 

(H/T Political Insider and Clean Jokes)

We want to thank each an every one of you PATRIOTS for your support in our brutal fight against liberalism! God Bless you all.

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