Well, Well, Well, Hillary Clinton Just Got BUSTED In A $1 Million Scandal- Will The Media Report This?


While the Left is screaming about the Russians hacking the election and Hillary Clinton is doing her Excuses Tour 7.0 and giving reason 9,999,999 why she lost to President Donald Trump, the mainstream media continues to ignore the content of the emails Wikileaks published.

Among the thousands of emails leaked by Wikileaks and published from Hillary’s former presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, there is one that states officials from the foreign government of Qatar gave the Clinton Foundation $1 million.


According to the email, the monetary gift was a donation to the charity intended to celebrate Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday, yet the Foundation felt no need to report the gift of $1 million from a foreign government to the State Department.

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That is a clear ethical violation of the agreement Hillary Clinton signed when she became Secretary of State in 2009 wherein to pledged that the Foundation would notify the State Department ethics official if a foreign government wanted to donate or “increase materially” its contributions.


Qatari officials pledged the money in 2011 and in April 2012 Clinton Foundation foreign policy director, Amitabh Desai, sent an email requesting that the Qataris wanted to simply meet with Bill Clinton “for five minutes” in New York City.

The Clinton Foundation tried to deny that this Qatari gift was a material increase according to what Clinton Foundation spokesman Brian Cookstra told Reuters.  Yet Qatar had given between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation in total, representing a 20% to 100% increase. Interestingly enough, the State Department had no record of the Qatari donation either.

As of 2016, the Foundation publically admitted the Clinton Health Access Initiative had published no list of donors since 2010 even though Hillary Clinton had repeatedly promised that she would do so annually.

According to Reutersthe Clinton Foundation officials acknowledged that they evaded the agreement with the Obama administration but blame lack of oversight.  To make matters worse? At least eight additional countries to Qatar gave or increases funding to the Clinton Foundation with the most frequent recipient being the Clinton Health Access Initiative.


Interesting how New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman failed to investigate the Clinton Foundation on THAT little tidbit isn’t it? Yet he investigated BOTH the Donald J. Trump Foundation AND the Eric Trump Foundation with HIGHLY suspicious timing at best.

Source- AFF 

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