What Do The Four Most Violent U.S. Cities Have In Common?



What do these cities have in common? New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis (Ferguson). These cities have quite a few things in common which we will explain right here!



The problem is not just poverty like many would argue. If you want to speak of poverty try visiting some areas in the Appalachia mountains and you’ll see it’s as bad as almost any area in America but you see none of the problems we often see in these cities. In my eyes excusing bad behavior and “Progressivism” which promotes an “I am a victim” menality and undermines the family, education and personal responsbility is the problem.

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First 22% of the households lived under the poverty level.



Next over 50% of household in all the cities were being led by a single parent. This is an increasing problem with 72% of African Americans are having babies out of wedlock.



And finally, the most informative commonality, every single one of the four cities listed on the top 50 most violent cities in the world are being run by DEMOCRATS. Baltimore and Detroit haven’t had a Republican mayor in charge for over 40 years. St Louis has been run by Democrats for 60 years and New Orleans has been a victim of failed liberal policies for a staggering 140 years! Coincidentally, New Orleans has the third highest percentage of young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 who are neither employed nor enrolled in school.


Even if you put the argument of ridiculous failed gun control laws aside, it is still blatantly obvious why crime and poverty is still so prevalent in these cities. How many more young people have to die before liberal democrats finally stand up and admit that their ideas have failed? The data is right here in front of them in black and white.

I think it’s time for some real leadership in those cities but that will never happen because unfortunately a lot of those poverty stricken, single parent households feel a sense of entitlement to government funding. Not all people in that situation are like this, but too many are. When you have families who have been on government assistance for generation, after generation, after generation it’s a hard cycle to break because of mindset alone. That is the foundation of the Democrats, the government is supposed to take care of everybody. Yet, if you have worked very hard all your life and you have made a comfortable life for yourself, the government should take more money from you to support those who choose, yes CHOOSE not to work.

Well, take a look people that philosophy is NOT working! I have no problem with people who want to work, have worked and are just down on their luck getting assistance from their government, but those who come from a long line of able bodies who choose not to work are becoming a HUGE problem in this country. I have relatives like this, so yes, I do know what I’m talking about! The number of people who are able bodied but choose to sit on their behinds is a lot higher than a lot of liberals want to admit. It’s a problem people and it isn’t going to be fixed by throwing more money at government assistance programs. It’s time to start taking away so those people get a clue. Get off your butt or starve! Continue to feed the children though. They are the innocent ones in all this.



Lindsey Bruce at X TRIBUNE



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  1. The problem is liberal democrats will NEVER own their errors or mistakes. I know, I am married to one and it’s a battle royale due to her refusal to EVER accept, own or admit that maybe she is the core of the problems we face in our own little world.

    When I am alone with the kids, the house runs smooth like a clock. Chores get done, teeth get washed and bodies showered, dressed and out the door in a timely fashion. When she is around… chaos… pure and simple and if I try to get things under control my way… well that’s when the fight starts.

    Living surrounded by these mentally challenged people as well as being married to one has been a real eye opener. See liberal democrats are masters of denial and blame. They have figured out how to make there mistakes and problems the fault of someone else. Regardless how much evidence you present, how many irrefutable facts you display… they will NEVER admit they are wrong.

    No, when confronted with facts and evidence they do one of three things:
    1. Start getting louder and blaming faster, turning everything you say around and twisting facts to fit their twisted reality (I deal with this almost everyday with my wife).

    2. Stomp there feet and attempt to change the subject to your faults (we all have them…) they attempt to distract and misguide the conversation (can you call it that?) so as to deter the truth from being presented.

    3. If all else fails, they run away and ignore the problem. All while dreaming up new ways to deny, refute and attack any that dare to disagree with them.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder of the greatest magnitude. These people should all be rounded up and incarcerated for the good of the nation as well as for their own sense of security. Throw the key away and lock them all up.

    • Isabel Castilla says:

      Okay, then why did you marry her in the first place?? Why don’t you divorce and leave her ass, save yourself and your children. I was married to a democrat too and I left his ass within one year. I am so glad I never had kids with him. Also, thank you for posting!!

      • William Sullivan says:

        Now Isabel, he’s still married! 😉

      • In California? A snowball has a better chance of surviving H#ll than I
        do of getting custody of my kids… trust me… I have already done and
        am still doing the research. Gaining custody of children is difficult for the MAN in the relationship.

    • albertbryson says:

      If I were you I would divorce her and gain full custody of the children.

      • In California? A snowball has a better chance of surviving H#ll than I do of getting custody of my kids… trust me… I have already done and am still doing the research.

    • William Sullivan says:

      You describe exactly the way my mother behaves and she is 86. The ONLY reason she does not worship Obama is because he is Black. You cannot rationally discuss anything with her.

  2. Michael Gerzen says:

    Where is Chicago

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