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A new report suggests that in cases of gang rape or sexual assaults involving two or more attackers in Sweden, 85 percent of the attackers are foreigners- namely Muslim refugees.

The information comes from a Swedish website “Gang Rape Sweden” which has kept tabs on the various instances of group rape that have occurred in the country over a period from 2011 to 2015. The site lists the various rapists’ names, case numbers, and other details which show the national origins, if known, of the attackers. According to the site, “All records and documents available on this website are Swedish public records.”


Chris Tomlinson at Breitbart reports that the site claims that in total between 2011 and 2015 there were 125 individuals accused and convicted of participating in group sex attacks. The majority, 41, come from unknown countries outside of Sweden, and they are followed by 23 from Afghanistan and 20 from Sweden itself. The total number of non-Swedes amounts to 105 or around 85 percent.

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The site makes a distinction of those accused of true gang rape (participating in sex acts) and those tried along with a rapist for other crimes like failure to disclose the sex attack. Of the “true gang rapes,” they measure 50 such cases.


Details are also given on the site as to the nature of the accusations, with thirteen of the gang rapists accused of having sex with underage children. Among those accused of molesting minors, none of the suspects are Swedish.

The longest sentence for rape occurred in the case of Bardiya Coen Pajouhi, who comes from an unknown country and received a nine-year sentence for aggravated rape, though it says he will not be deported to his country of origin.


Among those convicted of raping a child, many of the attackers were underage themselves, which matches previous reports of young boys and girls being raped in or around asylum accommodations. In one particular attack, a group of boys from Afghanistan took another young asylum seeker into a wooded area in Uppsala where they beat and raped him, filming the attack on their mobile phones.

The Afghani migrants who raped the boy, who is said to have been under the age of 15, were tried and found guilty, but will not be deported back to Afghanistan because Swedish courts have deemed the country “too dangerous” for them to return to.

In the statistics provided by the site, only 30 of those convicted face deportation, as opposed to 73 who will not be sent back to their countries of origin, more than double.

The Swedish government refuses to keep official statistics that track the origin of criminals and have not done so in over a decade. One police officer, Peter Springare, blew the whistle on migrant crime back in February of this year, claiming that almost all of the serious criminal activity in Sweden is committed by foreigners and migrants.

They are here in America. We need to deport these animals and seal our border.

It’s obvious that the liberal judges are out to stop Trump so we need to bypass them and just take care of business old school.

Lock and load.

God bless. 

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