What Obama Did 28 Times During Gun Control Rant Has Americans FURIOUS…

On Thursday, a maniac walked on to the campus at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon and mercilessly killed 9 people. He specifically targeted Christians as we reported earlier this morning.

 Less than six hours after the mass shooting Obama called a press conference to demand new gun laws. That’s right, he jumped right in there folks. He looked and sounded like a babbling idiot. He didn’t use the opportunity to console the victims and the family members or the community – hell no! It was all about taking away our guns. So predictable.

During the 12-minute anti-gun rant, Obama referred to himself 28 times. 28 TIMES! Everything is always about him. And grabbing our guns. Obama actually loves himself- it’s sick. The bodies were still warm and he goes on his gun grabbing shtick. Give us all a break. Pathetic.

That’s roughly three times per minute that he mentioned himself during a time he’s supposed to be consoling a grieving nation. Such a fricking narcissist.


And you’ll notice how he doesn’t talk about cities like Chicago that have the most strict gun control laws in the country. That doesn’t jive with his agenda. In fact it proves him wrong on all counts.


He also failed to mention that the shooter targeted Christians. He also avoided mentioning the fact that the shooter has converted to ISLAM! That’s right! You can read that right HERE!

BOMBSHELL: Oregon Gunman’s Social Network Found… Media Silent Because Of This HUGE Detail

Sean Brown at Mad World News reports:

Many people noted the time it took for the shooter’s name to be released, which has caused much speculation about what was really going on. Here’s what I think – the feds forced local police to hold off on it so that Obama could get on his soap box during prime-time television, when almost the entire country would be watching, and rant about guns, knowing he wouldn’t have to walk back his statements after the facts came out and knowing his harsh politicization of the incident would take attention away from the absolute mess his foreign policy has made in Syria.

My theory is supported by the fact that within 40 minutes of Obama’s speech ending, the shooter’s name was released to the media, and ever since, not a soul has spoken about how Russia has been bombing U.S.-trained rebels in the Arab nation. Funny how those two things just happened to work out, isn’t it?

If you can stomach it, his speech is below. Check it out and let us know what you think:

 Once again this was a good crisis and Obama wasn’t about to let it go to waste. What a scumbag.

(H/T Grabien)


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