What This Rock Legend Said About The Vaccine Is Absolutely Perfect!

If you study the world of entertainment long enough, you quickly realize that Hollywood is crawling with liberals. However, the good news is that the music business is a little bit more diverse.

It was at a recent Megadeth concert that Dave Mustaine reminded the crowd about the tyranny of our government, reminding people that they have the power to push back.

There is no question that it is very refreshing to hear someone in the arts discussing the fact that we don’t have to go about our lives being bobbleheads to everything that the government tells us to do. We are in America, after all, and it is supposed to be the Land of the Free and of the Brave.


Breitbart News is reporting the following:

Megadeth lead singer and guitarist Dave Mustaine has made a name for himself as one of the founding members of Megadeth, but he recently told a crowd during a New Jersey concert last week that “we have the power” to fight back against the tyranny that Americans are living under right now.

“Is there anybody here besides me who’s having a great fucking time?” Mustaine asked, to which the crowd responded with an affirmative roar.

“But I just wanna tell you how great it is — look around you guys, look to your right, look to your left, and look how wonderful this is,” Mustaine continued. “We’re all here together, we’re not in fucking bags, you know? We’re not freaking out, and we’re not yelling at people: ‘Where’s your fucking mask?’”


“Where’s your mask, you loud cow?” the rocker asked the crowd sarcastically, as the crowd began to chant, “USA! USA! USA!” and “Fuck Joe Biden!”

Mustaine said “it starts with this kind of sensation that we feel right now, where we feel together, we feel like there’s strength in numbers. We feel we are invincible. People will not be able to stop us.”

You would think that the frontman of a heavy metal band would be about as liberal as can be, but apparently not Dave Mustaine. This guy is awesome and he is a true patriot, standing up for our civil liberties and our freedom of speech and expression.

People have had enough.

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