When Illegal Aliens Tried To Take Over His Town, This Sheriff Decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! #NoAmnesty


The number of jobs that ILLEGAL ALIENS take away from Americans is seriously out of control. If illegals were deported or better yet, prevented from entering our country in the first place, then they wouldn’t be here to steal the jobs. Make sense? To us it does but not to Obama obviously.

But a huge part of the problem is the idiots that hire them. The common belief is that they ‘work harder and for cheaper’ than Americans. Well, that simply is NOT true. Also, ‘they do the jobs that Americans won’t do.’ Again, not true.

For example, illegal aliens have completely saturated the construction industry. I know firsthand as I spent 30+ years as one of the top home builders in California. My credentials are amazing if I do say so myself and to this day I continue to receive offers from HUGE stars in the entertainment industry to pay me double the going rate to build them a masterpiece but I’m done doing that line of work.


One thing that my company NEVER, EVER did was to hire ILLEGAL ALIENS. Period. We employed locals from the beach town I lived in and hired only the best of the best. That didn’t include illegals. My competitors did hire them and frankly the quality of their work was horrible at best. Enough about my past but it does lead me to the story you are about to read. And by the way it is actually illegal although enforcing the immigration laws nowadays it basically forbidden under the Obama regime.

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Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio, is taking strong action against people that employ illegal aliens for the benefits of “cheap labor’ and tax breaks. Not only is he calling them to stop, but he’s calling the good citizens to report those they know of that are participating in this crime. The sheriff tells business owners to be ashamed of themselves.

The simple reality is they are cheating the tax system and are DIRECTLY responsible for loss of American jobs. It’s easy to blame illegal immigrants for taking jobs, but the people that enable this to happen are also responsible. If there wasn’t any demand for illegal laborers then illegals that want to work would most likely go back to where they came from. Especially if they were in constant fear of being arrested. (H/T QPolitical)


Watch the video courtesy of WDTNTV 

After the newscast aired, Sheriff Jones took to Twitter and announced that he planned to assign a detective to work on the leads that the public provides and warned that ‘we will be watching you!’



It’s great to see this patriot take charge and do something about those who are breaking the law.

Patriots, this is how you fight CRIME. We applaud this Sheriff for doing what it takes! We need more Sheriff’s like this man in the USA!


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