When These THUGS Tried To Rob This TEXAN, He Taught Them A Lesson They Won’t Forget

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Another day in the life of a criminal thug. Except, this time they got a big surprise! And now one of these scumbags is dead and the other is in a cage! This is AWESOME!

Two scumbags attempted to rob a Texas homeowner in broad daylight but things didn’t work out so good for the thugs. The homeowner whipped out his gun and killed one of the d bags! LMAO! Get a fricking real job you losers!

It’s quite clear that these scumbags chose the wrong house and they are paying the price!

A neighbor commented about the incident saying, “People work hard for their stuff, you can’t just break into somebody’s house. If you do, it’s the chance you take.”

Well, they took the chance and now they will reap the rewards baby! Hell yeah!

Here’s the news report:



AWESOME! Share this all over if you support our rights to keep and bear firearms! 


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