‘White Allies’ Of Black Mizzou Students Just Got A HUGE Reality Check… EPIC FAIL!


The University of Missouri has been plagued with racial protests over the past few weeks, which have lead to the resignation of the university’s former president, Tim Wolfe. Black students have pulled out the race-card and accused Wolfe of ignoring incidences that involved the blacks being discriminated against. 

So of course they are protesting racism and so-called ‘White privilege’ and were joined by many white ‘allies.’ I refer to them as “white morons.”

But these “white allies” of the angry black students were given a huge dose of reality yesterday afternoon when they were to leave so the colored people could create a “black only healing space.”

TheBlaze reports that Steve Schmidt, an activist who was at the protest, tweeted that Concerned Student 1950 group were “asking white allies to leave.” Lol. What morons.

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Lol, kicking out Whitey. Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Johnetta Elzie, (who, by the way is a frequent visitor to the White house, visitor logs show) seemingly confirmed those with Caucasian skin were asked to leave the area, tweeting that the group had created a “black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable & real.”



My good friend Sean Brown at Mad World News reports:

I’ve been saying all along that once these white students, who are scared to death of being called racist and see being accused of having “white privilege” as the end of the world, served their purpose, they would be tossed to the side, and look what happened. None of us should really be surprised, considering the racism being espoused by the group, Concerned Student 1950, is what led to a white president and chancellor losing their jobs, so I’m not entirely sure what made these students think they’d be immune from the seething racism from its members.

But here’s what gets me about all of this – who wants to start a “white male only healing space” in the next room over from these people? What do you think would happen if we even tried? In fact, I’ll probably be called a racist for even suggesting such an idea, even though we’re watching it unfold there now, just with a different skin color.

It’s funny, I’m almost beginning to think the name of the group has more meaning than it seems. After all, 1950 was full of segregation, and now these people are reliving it, only this time, they’re trying to reverse it.

I would complain about “Black privilege” but what’s the point? This whole black revolution is getting way out of control. These poor little babies are nothing but a pain an the arse frankly. Get over it and get a friggin life already.


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