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I have a problem understanding why white people are protesting under the #BlackLivesMatter slogan when most black don’t want them to be on their side. It takes away from the message. For example, if I were to show up at one of these protests with an #AllLivesMatter poster I would most likely get beat up- I am White.

This from my fellow journalist   at DOWNTREND:

Writing for The Huffington Post, super-empathizer Christian Piatt tells us that whites, Asians, and Latinos should have no expectation of their lives mattering in these troubling times for blacks:

The responses have been largely peaceful, amplifying messages like “Hands, up, don’t shoot,” and “Black lives matter.” But despite these nonviolent responses to such unnecessary losses of life, some (in my experience, all white) people raise objections…Rather than “Black lives matter,” they argue, we should say “All lives matter.” So why is this inappropriate? There are a number of reasons, actually.

So all white people are racist and saying “all lives matter” is inappropriate. Got it. Now explain: 

First, these cries are direct responses to the loss of black lives. It’s a nonviolent corporate response to power that was wielded violently. It’s a response to a judicial system that historically incarcerates black men at a rate staggeringly higher than their white counterparts, for the same crimes. It’s a response of a community conditioned to fear the very ones sworn to protect them. Such grief, despair and helplessness demands a response from within us. WE MATTER is a call to be recognized, valued and cared for.

You know, police in this country stop, arrest, and even kill more whites than blacks every year. The only difference is, when a white scumbag is killed for attacking a cop, white people don’t try to turn him into a hero.

Second, there is no implication in the phrase “Black lives matter” that they matter any more than any other lives. Rather, it’s a response to a societal phenomenon that seems, if without words, to say those black lives matter less. It’s a call to nonviolent resistance, in the spirit of King, Gandhi, and even Jesus.

There absolutely is the implication that they matter more in the phrase “black lives matter.” Try this: “white lives matter.” Sounds pretty racist to most people, doesn’t it? Equality means everyone is treated equally. 

Third, the co-opting of “Black lives matter” into “All lives matter” touches a deep historical nerve, of which those with racial privilege may not be aware. But as the old saying goes, ignorance is no excuse. Granted, the practice of slavery by means of force is no longer legal in our culture, but it has not stopped the dominant culture from taking valuable contributions to American society and co-opting it, adapting it and quite often profiting greatly from it. From science and literature to the arts and entertainment, the pattern is well established.

Oh, I get it now. This is like how black people get pissed off when Miley Cyrus twerks or Iggy Azalea raps. White people aren’t allowed to co-opt black culture. My only question is, are black people allowed to co-opt white culture or is this another racial one-way street?

Piatt knows he has made a less-than-compelling argument here, but none of that matters because…white privilege: 

Rather than resisting or trying to change such cries, there is an opportunity for those of us in historically privileged and powerful positions in the culture to listen, learn and better understand the longing behind the words.

I’m still not convinced. I don’t understand how we can ever be an equal society when there are different rules for different people. Either all lives matter or none of them do. 

Brian nails it here – this absurd double standard is getting old. I mean WAY old! Again I will just say that these people need to get over this fricking chip they carry around on their shoulders. And these whites that think they are helping matters by siding with these fools need to understand that they are fighting a fight that has already been fought and won and are just fueling the flames of racism. Good job Liberals! You morons need your heads examined and you should do us all a favor and stick to your tree-hugging and global warming issues. When it comes to this racism issue you are out of your league. 


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