BREAKING: White House Doctor Makes SHOCKING Admission On President Trump’s ‘Cognitive Issues’ [Video]

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After a year of the media claiming the President isn’t mentally or physically fit to run the country, the verdict from the White House doctor is finally in, and you had best be sitting down.

Dr. Ronny Jackson has been serving alongside President Trump since he took office in January, and today he gave the President a physical exam. After the breathless coverage of the media claiming Trump isn’t mentally stable enough to be the dog catcher, you may want to be sitting down when you hear what Jackson had to say.

Are you ready?


Once again, we were right, the left was wrong, and now they have yet another tool that’s been taken from their war chest against this President.

Jack Posobiec, a conservative journalist and commentator, tweeted the following:

Dr. Ronny Jackson: I have spent almost every day with the president since he’s taken office. I had absolutely no concern about his cognitive ability. The reason that we did the cognitive assessment because the president asked me to”

Not only that, but at the President’s request, Jackson performed a “cognitive test” on Trump, and he passed with flying colors.

“NEW: Dr. Ronny Jackson– physician to President Trump- says the President asked him to do a “cognitive test” during his physical. Dr. Jackson says he did “exceedingly well” on the test.”


Reporter to Dr. Ronny Jackson: “Are you ruling things out early onset Alzheimer’s, dementia?” Jackson’s response: “The fact that the president got 30 out of 30 on that exam I think there’s no indication he has any cognitive issues”

Keep in mind, this is the same doctor who card for Barack Obama since 2013, o it’s not like he’s some partisan or engaging in some sort of conspiracy to deceive the public. However, that didn’t stop the left from thinking otherwise.

“So, Dr. Ronny Jackson found that Trump is not mentally unstable… I guess he’s just fuckin stupid then…”

“Wait a second. Dr. Ronny Jackson just said the President sleeps 4-5 hours a night but takes Ambien? The risk of next-day psychomotor impairment is increased if AMBIEN is taken with less than a full night of sleep (7 to 8 hours). So the President is governing our nation impaired?”

As you can see, even a well-respected doctor isn’t going to change the minds of liberals. They’re really that stupid.

But one Twitter user did have a really good question that this writer thinks needs to be answered:

“Can we ask “Dr. Ronny Jackson” to comment on the weight and mental acuity of these two knuckle heads?”

I’m all for it.

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