America Stunned After People Notice HIDDEN Message In White House Intern Photo


A photo taken in November of the White House interns posing with President Trump is sparking outrage after people discovered a hidden message within it.

The picture, taken back in November to commemorate those working tirelessly to assist the President, features the current staff of interns working throughout the White House. Prior to the photo, the interns were instructed to give President trump’s signature “thumbs-up” as the President stood in front of them doing the same, but one intern decided to disregard the instructions, and now the left is using it as proof of something much more nefarious.


The Daily Mail reported that intern Jack Breuer, a graduate from Emory University, was positioned to the far right of the photo, underneath our nation’s first President George Washington. Rather than giving the thumbs-up like he was told, Breuer gave the “okay” symbol, and the left has now gone apoplectic.

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Because during the election, any and every symbol associated with then-candidate Trump was deemed to be a symbol of “white supremacy,” and, of course, that symbol was one of them.

White House Intern Photo With Trump Sparks Outrage After People See Its HIDDEN Message


From the Daily Mail:


While the other hundred or so interns smile and follow Trump’s command, Breuer, a dentist’s son who grew up in Chicago’s western suburbs, stands stony-faced giving the ‘OK’ sign that has been linked with far-right groups.

It is the same sign that white nationalist Richard Spencer gave on the steps of the Trump International Hotel on election night and that right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos posed with in front of the White House.

It was also seen at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August – the same day an alleged Nazi sympathizer accelerated his car into anti-protesters, killing one and injuring several others.

All those surrounding Breuer on the right side of the picture are using their left hands to give their thumbs-up, with him standing out by using his right hand.

The gesture – which only makes sense if made with the right hand, although there are examples of people making it with their left hand – is said to depict the letter ‘W’ with the outstretched middle, ring and little fingers, and a ‘P’ with the circle made by the thumb and forefinger stretching down to the wrist. Together ‘WP’ stands for White Power.

Another intern, speaking anonymously, told the Daily Mail they found the gesture to be highly offensive.

‘Context is everything,’ one fellow intern told ‘Jack is pictured with President Trump, one of the most controversial leaders we’ve had.

‘It is a distinct symbol known in alt-right circles and what makes it worse is that he is doing it in the East Room just below the portrait of George Washington.’

And of course, leftists on Twitter, desperate to latch onto anything that makes President trump look racist, had a field day with this one.

They even want Breuer fired from his job because of the harmless gesture.

Meanwhile, Breuer has since apologized for the innocent stunt.

For what it’s worth, even the Anti-Defamation League, which isn’t exactly a conservative group, even states that the hand gesture has nothing to do with racism or white supremacy, but was created by 4chan trolls to show just how ridiculous the left has become.

However the Anti Defamation League — which lists Pepe as racist — says the OK sign is a hoax and should not be considered a signal of the white supremacy.

The ADL says the sign started as a hoax on the Internet discussion board 4chan where a user posted a message saying ‘we must flood Twitter and other social media websites…claiming that the OK hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy.’

He then added: ‘Leftists have dug so deep down into their lunacy,’ wrote the poster, ‘We must force [them] to dig more, until the rest of society ain’t going anywhere near that s***.’

Mission accomplished, Kek Army.

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