BREAKING NEWS: White House To REWRITE Immigration Bill- Here’s What We Know

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BREAKING: Just minutes after the announcement was made that the Trump administration would not appeal a 9th Circuit ruling upholding a temporary stay of the temporary immigration and travel ban from seven select countries, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus has issued a statement saying the White House is “reviewing all of our options in the court system,” UP TO AND INCLUDING THE POSSIBILITY OF TAKING THE CASE BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT.

The White House is also taking into consideration the possibility of rewriting the executive order intended to halt visitors from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Libya for 90 days.

It also paused the U.S. refugee program for 120 days. Both delays were intended to give the government a chance to improve vetting procedures.

This indicates the administration may try to restore some aspects of the now-frozen travel ban or replace it additional measures in the efforts to keep America safe, despite the progressive leftists’ best attempts to obstruction this administration and the attempts to do so.

President Trump spoke to the Associated Press on Air Force One while on his way to Florida, stating “We also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new order.”

This news comes directly upon the heels of a legal blow dealt by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit – the MOST liberal district in the nation and holds the running title for the most overturned decisions upon appeal.

The 3 judge panel from the 9th district refused Thursday to immediately reinstate President Trump’s executive order. To which President Trump’s response was – “See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!”

The White House and the Department of Justice are conferring to gather a plan of action in their efforts to determine the best plan of attack.  One thing is for certain, the left has made it clear that they will not stop.

They want a battle, and President Trump is telling them that he and his administration are bringing the war.

At this point the ONLY concession that the Trump administration is willing to make is presumably under the form of some proposed rewrites.  The 9th Circuit Judges indicate that they seem to want to put remarks made by President Trump during his campaign with regard to “banning all Muslims from entering the country” on trial rather than actually address the issues at hand.  Some are saying that rewrites will not go far enough, leaving others to assume that the only option left is to take the matter before the Supreme Court and allow them to make the final decision.

Problems continue to come from holdovers from the Obama regime, this time in the form of Leon Fresco, the deputy assistant attorney general for the Office of Immigration Litigation, a leftover from Obama’s Department of Justice. Fresco makes the wild and salacious claim that there is potentially compelling evidence that even a watered-down order might be intended to discriminate.  Considering according to the Senate’s own data there have been no less than 73 arrests and convictions from these 7 counties in America for jihad-related crime, I find that very hard to believe.

h/ t – WashTimes

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