White Kid SUSPENDED From School For Doing THIS… Welcome To Obama’s America


Last April, students at Manville High School were given an assignment to come up with an election topic that would provoke discussion in class. Frank Harvey, then a junior at Manville High school, decided to choose the topic of anti-gun control. He put together a rather impressive video presentation and received an “A” on the project.




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Harvey is now a senior and as of Tuesday, he was suspended from school and ordered to undergo a psychological exam for the EXACT same project that he had previously received an “A” for. His teacher, Rachel Gottfried, now denies that she gave her College and Career Readiness the assignment, nor did she approve Harvey’s choice of topics.


Harvey states, “She said my project would be perfectly fine. I presented the video to the class and took a few questions from my classmates. My presentation went over well. The whole idea of the assignment was to expose students to an idea they hadn’t considered before. What the response of the school tells me is that I’m allowed to do my school work as long as it agrees with their point of view on an issue.”


Manville school officials have stated that Harvey must undergo a five-hour psychological evaluation before he will be allowed to return to school according to his mother, Mary Vervan.  His mother has said that she will not subject her son to any such evaluation for no reason. Manville school superintendent Anne Facendo claims the district is unable to respond due to federal and state student privacy laws but she did issue a statement —


We believe the student’s family is aware of this and are taking advantage of those laws to publicize a blatantly false, one-sided account of what occurred. Under their version of events, the student was given a disciplinary suspension for merely completing a school project assigned by his teacher that expressed an unpopular viewpoint, then was required to disenroll from the district. These claims are false, and we are confident that the evidence will support the district’s position. The district is especially disheartened at the unfair personal attacks leveled by the family at our dedicated staff, who reacted to the actual events with professionalism and concern for the welfare of this student and others in the school community. We have nothing more to say on the  matter at this time, but could not let the family’s vicious personal attacks go unanswered.”


Harvey states that he produced a video to provide examples of people who have used guns to defend themselves from home invaders or attack.  His video also displayed various anti-gun political cartoons. Apparently, the trouble began when Harvey left the thumb drive with the project on it in the school library by accident. Someone found it on Monday and turned it into the school administration.  School administrators then contacted the police.  The police interviewed Harvey and have cleared him of any wrong doing but that hasn’t stopped Manville school officials from demanding a psych evaluation before allowing Harvey to return to school. The family has also had to deal with the state department of child services stopping by their home on Wednesday morning to speak to Harvey with regard to this issue.




The Manville police cleared my son. They looked at his presentation and found nothing wrong,” stated Vervan. “If the police don’t think there was a problem, why is the school taking these extreme actions and harassing us with child services? I don’t understand why they’re doing this.”

“They came to my home trying to talk to my son. I was at work. I told my son they have no right to talk to him. He refused to speak with them and they left. I’m not sure why they came. The school likely sent them out because they didn’t like how things have come out in the media. This is harassment. I want them to leave us alone. My son is at home studying for his GED. There’s no reason for this. They’re just harassing us. I’m not going to have my son undergo a psychological exam based on a teacher’s lies. I’m not going let them label him. I’m not going to roll over. My son and his welfare comes first.”


Harvey hopes to have completed his GED by the end of the year. Then he plans to enroll in some college courses in January. His mother is contemplating hiring an attorney and filing suit against the school district for their actions. She states she wants a public apology from the school, as well as all negative and derogatory marks with regards to this issue removed from his record.  They also wish to be left alone and the harassment to stop.

h/t – www.nj.com

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God Bless.



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