White Man Jailed For Leaving Bacon Outside Mosque, While A MUSLIM PEDOPHILE Goes Free…

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Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, Muslims can commit brutal crimes and liberal judges give them a kiss on the cheek and send them back out to the streets to plot more terrorist attacks- but if you are a white person these liberal judges will throw the book at you.


Political correctness and fear of being labeled Islamophobic.

We see this happening all over the world.

For example, here are 2 cases that prove my point. Check this out.


Daily Mail reports that an Islamic teacher who repeatedly molested a terrified girl of 11 as he taught her the Koran has escaped a jail sentence because his wife’s English is so bad.

Suleman Maknojioa, 40, repeatedly rubbed the  youngster’s leg and reached under the folds of her prayer headscarf to touch her chest.

He was given a suspended sentence because the court heard the father of six’s family were so dependent on him and he is ill with kidney problems.

Maknojioa was supposed to be giving the girl and her two brothers private tuition.

He was said to have favored the girl and claimed the touching was done to reassure her.

But his confused victim became terrified whenever lessons were due.

He was finally reported to police after the children’s mother overheard her two sons, aged 13 and seven, talking about the incidents.

Maknojioa will be under supervision for two years


Daily Mail reports that a man who was jailed after leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque has been found dead in his cell.

Kevin Crehan, 35, was halfway through a one-year prison sentence he received in July after admitting the racially-motivated attack on the Jamia Mosque in Bristol earlier this year.

He was accompanied by Alison Bennett, 46, and Mark Bennett, 48, and Angelina Swales, 31, who also pleaded guilty over the incident.

A St George flag with the words ‘no mosques’ was also tied to the fence outside the building in Totterdown, Bristol, and shouted racial abuse at a worshiper.

Bacon was tied to the door handles and sandwiches made of raw meat and sliced white bread were left at the entrance, in what was described in court by the judge as an ‘an attack on England’.

Crehan was jailed for a year while Bennett was given a nine-month sentence. 

Bennett was given a six-month sentence and Swales was given a four-month sentence – both suspended for two years.

They were all banned from going within 330 ft of a mosque anywhere in England or Wales for the next 10 years.  

So the Muslim pedophile is free to rape little girls, boys and goats but the white man is freaking dead.

Folks, this whole Muslim love-fest is totally out of control and so is the illegal alien bullshit.

We need to end this and we need to end it NOW!

(h/t Silence Is Consent)

God Bless.


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