TOTALLY BUSTED: MSM Says “White Militia” Started Confrontation With Police- Here’s The HEAVY TRUTH The MSM Is Scrambling To Hide


President Donald Trump called out the FAKE  NEWS for years and he was right again.


Here’s a perfect example of how the liberal media blatantly lies to their liberal morons.

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You read about the standoff between cops and militia members in in a suburb of Boston.

The leftwing media said that the militia members were white.

Guess what- they weren’t. In fact they were BLACK!


What a freaking joke these leftist lunatics are.

From the Jerusalem Post – Residents in a suburban Boston neighborhood were asked to “shelter in place” early Saturday as an armed standoff between 8 to 10 militia members and police forced the closure of a US interstate highway.

From 100 Percent FED Up:

Here is the photo the dishonest publication used to promote the false narrative that the “unnamed militia” were a group of white guys wearing confederate flag badges. The AP photo the Jerusalem Post used for their article on the incident that took place early this morning was from the 2016 Charlottesville, NC riots. 


A WHITE nationalist stands behind militia members after he scuffled with a counter demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12. (photo credit: JOSHUA ROBERTS / REUTERS)


Two people were taken into custody before dawn and at least one gun was recovered, police said, following a standoff that started after 1 a.m. along Interstate 95 in Wakefield, a city about 14 miles north of Boston, when a Massachusetts State Police officer pulled over two cars.

In the vehicles were about 10 people wearing military-style clothes and carrying rifles and pistols, police said.
The cars stopped in a breakdown lane and the group’s leader told police that they were traveling from Rhode Island to Maine for “training,” police said in a news conference.

The officer asked for identification and permits for the weapons, but the people refused and scattered into the nearby woods, still armed, police said.

No shots were fired and no injuries were reported. Police said that the group self-identifies as a militia, but the name of the group was not released. (We believe the name of the BLACK militia group’s name is “Rise of the Moors.”

It looks like they may have removed the picture after major backlash but have no fear- we have it here!

The leftist Jerusalem Post also wrote about Trump’s rally in Florida. But, instead of talking about the massive crowd lined up early today to take part in Trump’s rally, they instead, had this to say:

From the Jerusalem Post – Trump is likely to berate President Joe Bidenrepeat his false claim that he lost the 2020 election due to fraud, and urge his supporters to back his allies in their midterm campaigns as Republicans fight to take back control of Congress from the Democratic Party next year.

Kudos to Andy Ngô for discovering the obvious deceit by the Jerusalem Post, who dishonestly tried to trick their readers into believing the militia involved in the Boston neighborhood standoff was a bunch of white, racist guys with guns.

Ngô also posted actual photos of the black members of the militia involved in the standoff in a tweet:


Here’s a few comments:

Apparently, the group involved is “Rise of the Moors”, which I believe is a black militia group. Of course, JP puts a picture of white guys and everyone here starts calling them white supremacists…the narrative must be maintained.

The used a picture of protestors from Charlotte cited as “A WHITE nationalist stands behind militia members after he scuffled with a counter demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12.”. The militia in question is a BLACK militia called “Rise of the Moors”. They’re literally gaslighting people into thinking a black militia group was really a bunch of white supremacists. Pathetic.



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