WHOA! Bill Clinton Just BLEW IT Big Time, Calls HALF Of Americans THIS…


From deplorable and irredeemable and hatred for the everyday American to redneck, the Clintons just can’t stop showing their utter contempt for the American people it seems.  Former United States president Bill Clinton has now joined in the name-calling fray showing he shares his wife’s opinion of the American people.

At a voter’s registration event on Tuesday in support of Hillary’s campaign efforts, Bill mocked Trump supporters as just “your standard redneck.”


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Bill went on to state Trump supporters characterized part of the culture that he was raised with back in his home state of Arkansas. He was the governor of the state prior to becoming president so not only is he insulting to the American people at large but to Arkansans as well! This isn’t the first time good ole Billy Bob has stuck his foot in his mouth either.


Just last month, Clinton made comments about the “coal people” that support Trump in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. He claims that he was confused by those people because they used to support him, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

I guess he has never heard of the “War on Coal?” How the Obama administration along with Hillary have waged systematic war on entire regions of the country and their ability to earn a living? If you take away a man’s (or woman) ability to earn a living and provide for their family, you have created an enemy. People will vote for who provides them the means to do those things. He who controls a man’s ability to get or provide food? He controls a whole lot – some might even say the world.

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It is truly baffling to me how Hillary and Bill Clinton can hold the vast majority of the American people in such contempt. American citizens themselves, born here, raised here, educated here, and this country has afforded them a VERY nice lifestyle — albeit at the expense of the American taxpayers for the majority of it and another large portion on the backs of the Haitian people and a host of other less that ethical business dealings.  Yet, Hillary wants to rule us – will literally do anything, say anything, tell any lie, and sell out anyone she has to in order to make that a reality. But hold us all in such utter contempt so as to label us as deplorable, irredeemable, standard rednecks? I guess it’s a good thing her opinion isn’t one I care about.

Frankly, if being an educated, white, American female who is proud to be a wife and a mom without being some sort of feminazi holding all men in contempt, proud of the heritage that my immigrant grandparents fought so hard to give me makes me a deplorable, irredeemable, standard redneck?  I’ll wear that badge with pride.  How about you?

h/t – Free Beacon

God Bless.

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