WHOA! Liberals Go INSANE After Trump’s BLACK Ex-Girlfriend Says He Did THIS To Her



In their quest to prove that President Donald Trump is a racist, the New York Times sought to interview many of his black friends from the past.  Each and every person stated without fail that they had never seen any signs of racism from the president.

The ONLY person to state that he sees signs of racism in President Trump, is the Democratic activist, MSNBC host, and race baiter for profit extraordinaire Al Sharpton.

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The NYT even discovered that President Trump once dated a biracial woman named Kara Young for two years in the 1990s. Young stated that she was surprised and deemed it highly unlikely that President Trump is racist, stating “I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people.”


President Trump took notice of Young at a party in the Hamptons. Young was working as a model and is about 20 years his junior. He expressed his interest in dating her and began pursuing her.  They began dating around 1997.


Young is the child of a black mother and a white father and she stated to the NYT that she never hid her race or her lineage from him.

Though Young claims she is “horrified” by President Trump’s comments regarding the violence in Charlottesville due to her claim that there can be no moral equivalence between White supremacists and what she referred to as anti-racism counter-protesters. In reality, there is very much an equivalence between the two groups.

She stated emphatically regarding President Trump’s statements following the events – That’s not the Donald Trump that Young knew. “That was not my experience,” she stated.  She also revealed that President Trump courted black celebrities, had friendships with black men and women.  She felt this was a good indicator that he was open-minded.

Young stated to NYT –

“It’s definitely easier to be with your own kind. It’s easier for everybody, so if someone is super, super special and super, super interesting you can take them out. I think it was very interesting to him to meet and hang out with Russell Simmons and meet Sean Combs.”

She did state that President Trump is clearly from a different generation in some of his thought processes as he leaned heavily on stereotypes at times recalling his surprise that Black people would flock to the U.S. Open tennis tournament to watch the Williams sisters play. He had no clue that African Americans were interested in the sport.


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