WHOA: Longest ARMED STANDOFF in U.S. History Ends With This BIZARRE Finish… Media Silent


TEXAS- After almost 15 years, what is believed to be the longest armed standoff in American history quietly came to a peaceful end.

This longest armed standoff in U.S. history began in 1999 when Gray, a carpenter linked to various anti-government militia groups, was charged with assaulting a police officer during a traffic stop, according to WFAA-TV. The officer initially took issue with the fact that Gray, now 66, was carrying a pistol without a concealed carry permit while Gray insisted that he had a a God-given right to carry his weapon thanks to the Second Amendment.

However, during the ensuing scuffle, Gray admitted to biting the officer, TheBlaze reports.

Gray was jailed and charged with assaulting a state trooper before he was released on bond in 2000. But when he was ordered to appear in court, he opted instead to remain on his 47-acre private property with his wife, his children and his grandchildren — all of whom were armed and ready to patrol the barbed-wire fences surrounding the property, according to the New York Times. Gray did not step off his property for nearly 15 years.

“If they come out after us, bring extra body bags. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword,” Gray Gray told ABC News in a 2000 interview. “We’ve never shot no one yet. But they know, if they come on us, they’ll be surprised what’s going to happen to them.”

And for those 15 years, local government officials heeded his warning and left the Grays alone, isolating the property making sure that nobody was harmed around the property.

Eventually, the standoff came to close in December 2014 when Douglas E. Lowe, then the district attorney of nearby Anderson County, dismissed the charges against Gray — even though no one informed Nutt or the Grays themselves of the dismissal in 2014 until reporters approached them this week.

“I didn’t do that to concede victory to that guy,” Lowe told the Times. “It had been going on for 15 years, and somebody just had to make a decision that it was time to say it’s over.”

Victory for the common man. Good job patriot. But lol on biting the officer- never a good idea.

I’m happy that everyone involved is fine and may God bless them all.



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God Bless.

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