WHOA! Matt Gaetz Takes Time To Absolutely DESTROY This Liberal Governor- Makes EXPLOSIVE Announcement


Once again we will show you what garbage the dems are. Seriously, I can’t believe that any sane person would be a democrat. They are absolutely disgusting people and don’t give a crap about America.


There was a time when democrats were normal people but nowadays they are unhinged freaks.

Let’s talk about one of these Socialist dirtbags- New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy.

Yeah, he’s a real doozy.

So this idiot got into it with a real patriot, the great Matt Gaetz.


Check this out.

From Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel:

Like every other Democrat governor in the age of COVID, New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy thinks he’s a supreme potentate, not an elected officeholder temporarily occupying a position.

That’s the only way to explain his quasi-threat to Rep. Matt Gaetz after the Florida Republican attended an event in New Jersey.

On Thursday Gaetz attended a tightly packed, unmasked celebration held in Jersey by the New York City Young Republicans.

When Murphy learned of the party, he got TRIGGERED.

‘That guy in the middle, the tall, handsome fella in the gray suit, that is Representative Matt Putz — oh sorry, Matt Gaetz,’ he said at a press conference Friday after a photo of Gaetz at the party went viral among perpetually angry and always nasty left-wing lunatics on social media.

What a freaking idiot.

‘And based upon his past performances, it is obvious being a knucklehead is not beyond the pale for him. He was actually Sarah Palin’s backup act for this event.’

‘I hope you’re watching Matt — you are not welcome in New Jersey, and frankly I don’t ever want you back in this state,’ Murphy added.

Murphy took to Twitter to make essentially the same statements.

And a threat.


Anyways, Gaetz responded to the jackass and put him in his place.

Check it out:

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“You’re gonna regret this tweet when you move to Florida like the rest of New Jersey,” Gaetz tweeted.

It’s true- no one in their right mind would stay in New Jersey- no offense intended to those of you that live there but the reality is that NJ is out of control.

And the future doesn’t look bright.

Gaetz continued:

“Thank you for calling me handsome, Governor!

I’m only considered handsome in New Jersey, though.

In Florida I’m barely a roundup 6.”

“Should we organize a “peaceful protest” of lockdowns in New Jersey?”

Other Twitter users reminded Murphy what an abject hypocrite he is — like every other Democrat governor and mayor who issues edicts like dictators only to violate them (and allow others to violate them) when it suits his/her political needs.

I’m thinking Matt Gaetz really doesn’t have any plans to visit that cesspool anytime in the near future.

As far as Gov. Murphy goes- he’s the putz.

Gaetz ROCKS!

#StopThe Steal



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God Bless.

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